Experts Warn That Slime Goo Your Kids Love to Make May Be Damaging Their Health

Slime Using Borax Can Be Unsafe For Children

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Now health experts are warning that slime using borax can be unsafe for children.

Borax is a chemical that should not be used as a toy, as it can leave children at risk of serious eye injuries and even fertility problems.

The Daily Mail says slime is the biggest craze since loom bands two years ago. But children are putting themselves at risk.

Schools and health experts are now issuing warnings amid fears youngsters will end up in hospital if borax – the chemical behind the slime that can be bought over the internet – gets into their eyes or lungs.

The EU’s European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has labelled borax “toxic to reproduction”.

In a hazard alert it warned: “This substance may damage fertility or the unborn child and causes serious eye irritation.”

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