Experts Warn That Slime Goo Your Kids Love to Make May Be Damaging Their Health

“This Substance May Damage Fertility or the Unborn Child”

In 2016, Health Canada is advised Canadians to avoid using boric acid for arts and crafts projects, such as homemade slime, or modelling clay.

The alert means anyone exposed to high levels of borax may give birth to babies with faulty genes later in life.

Although in school, chemistry teachers must dilute borax in solution to a level at which it’s not toxic. But are parents are kids aware of making slime safely at home? Perhaps not.

“Making the slime is what we’re most concerned about, because you’re trying to limit the amount of dust you raise. If you splash it around your kitchen willy-nilly you’re exposing yourself to something classified as toxic,” said Steve Jones, director of the schools’ science advisory service.

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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