Find Out Why This Mom Thinks Pumpkin Patches Suck


It’s October, so you know what that means: Pumpkin Spice everything, overpriced Halloween costumes and that obligatory trip to the pumpkin patch.

When my kids were babies, I made sure to make a trip out to our local pumpkin patch for those social media-worthy photos ops and well, for my kids to make some kind of memories while picking out that “perfect” pumpkin before Halloween. Now, as much as it has become a “tradition” to visit the patch with your little ones, not every parent is into it. It seems like some parents out there either love it or hate it…. simply because the experience supposedly sucks.

Here’s what Scary Mommy blogger Mrs. Diaz says:

Join the rest of the family and prepare to make the best memories ever. Choosing everyone’s pumpkins will be slightly uneventful, unless you count the 80 minutes it takes to wade past all the dead Ork bodies in the stinking marshes and the wheelbarrow that won’t quite float or move no matter how strong Dad is.

Pay the $139.76 for the pumpkins, and head into the corn maze. Because it is incredibly fun dragging muddy, wet children and toddlers down a smelly path lined with rows and rows of dead corn stalks, for about an hour. Or is it three days? Nobody knows. Hopefully you can get everyone back out before the vultures circle.

Yikes. I do have to admit that she does have a point here.

But if we’re keeping count here, then birthday parties, book fairs, fall festivals, cafeteria volunteering and all of those other activities that we do for our kids suck, too. And does it matter? No. Because at the end of the day, if what I do for my kids brings a smile on their face, then I’ll just have to get used to doing things that suck for the rest of my life.

Thoughts, Hot Moms? Are you fans of the pumpkin patch or would you rather sit it out at home?

Source via Scary Mommy


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