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Dynamic super mom, and public relations agency Founder and CEO, Heidi Krupp Lisiten is a passionate, tenacious and mission driven entrepreneur. She has an interesting career trajectory that began at ABC News where she assisted in publicity and had the privilege of working with her mentor, Barbara Walters worked on the first MOST FASCINATING PEOPLE specials earning her first Publicist credit. In 1996 she created her own PR, Marketing, and Branding agency, Krupp Kommunications. Throughout her career, empowering other women has been a focus, and Heidi has been very transparent about lessons she has learned that can help others—one of these being her struggle having a child, which she shared on Oprah Winfrey’s blog.

“I started Krupp Kommunications when I was thirty,” Heidi says. “I was focused on building my business, but since I hadn’t met Mr. Right it hadn’t even dawned on me to  freeze my eggs as an option. Then I met my now husband Darren. By the time we got married I was forty and we had no idea how challenging it would be to become parents.” Nine IVF cycles later led to the successful birth of their healthy baby boy, Caden. Heidi and Darren decided it was their obligation to help share the lessons they learned with women and couples so they can take their fertility futures in their own hands.

Krupp Kommunications assisted in the launch of PRELUDE ( which was featured on the cover of the November 2016 issue of Forbes ( at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine(ASRM) conference

“Prelude is my way of giving back to others and by educating them, they don’t have to suffer the way we did,” Heidi says. “We were lucky to have a beautiful son from the process, but many others still aren’t able to conceive. It’s a challenging, expensive, and painful process, butit doesn’t have to be!”

As busy as she is, Heidi has still managed to find time to contribute to “Chicken Soup for the Soul’s 20th Anniversary” edition and curate the 20 thought leaders for the future as well as contribute to motivational sales leader, David Shirey’s book, “Rare Confidence.” She has won two Stevie awards for Women in Business: one Silver “Lifetime Achievement in Business” award, and one Gold “Communications or PR Campaign of the Year for Community Relations” for Krupp Kommunication’s work on behalf of the Eating Recovery Center.

So how does she manage to be a “superwoman,” run a successful business, maintain a solid marriage (her husband and she work together), and be a great mother?

“It’s a work in progress,” Heidi believes. “The truth is that you will always feel pulled in many different directions. Whoever says otherwise isn’t telling the truth! My son loves superheroes, so he gets a kick out of the idea of “supermom.” I have taught him how important it is that mommy works and how important our work is in helping people and sharing their messages with the world. We make sure we have down time together as a family, and spend quality time—especially when on vacation, which is our time to be us…just enjoying each other without interruptions. On vacation there is a NO PHONE RULE. We take a yearly trip to Maui to just unplug and enjoy paradise.”

“You have to be present in your life. So when you are at work, focus on that. When you are home, focus on family. Give yourself the love and freedom to know you can always make the best of what life has to offer. Celebrate the moments when you don’t feel pulled in too many directions. Appreciate those real moments in life where you are in the present. Just BE in the present is the lesson I have been learning.”

Heidi is a huge advocate of carving out time for oneself. “I love to just walk around, take in nature, and have some quiet time alone. After that replenishment, I’m ready to be available to everyone. Also, I love movies…especially athome with the family – snuggling together, sharing some popcorn, and maybe some chocolate!”

As a high-profile publicist, Heidi is in the public eye and often photographed with her celebrity clients, so she always has to look her best. She has a few beauty rituals that make her feel like a “Hot Mom.” She gets weekly massages, and often gets acupuncture and is on the Frank Lipman “Be Well Plan.” Other treatments Heidi swears by include face masks, salt baths, spa days, using oil packs at night, and getting lots of rest. She also loves creating “vision or “dream boards,” using a collage to set her intentions on goals she wants to manifest.

When asked what drove her to dive into PR for her career, Heidi says: “I had been circling many areas on my career path that connected me to PR—Marketing, Branding and Project Managing and creating and developing celebrity endorsed products. Each time I was producing a story at ABC News, 20/20, or working on a project, I was always thinking about how and where to promote it – who can we call/tell, how we could or would position the story, and tell the story best to the media. It was natural for me as I was always a publicist but didn’t know what I was doing or had the title—so I am very fortunate to do what I love and create a different point of view with a vast experience in media to showcase storytelling in a way that supports the media, as I was, and still am, one of them. At Krupp Kommunications, we represent leading health and wellness and lifestyle brands, as well as thought leaders who are also innovators and the creators of helping others live better lives. These brands and leaders are elevating humanity, and being a part of that makes it easy for me to juggle all of it. Supporting brands that help people live their best lives –this is what makes our work at Krupp so wonderful and fulfills us to be able to have full lives and keep giving.”

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Natalie Klein CEO and Co-Owner started with HMC in 2008, she has an insatiable appetite for celebrities and the world of entertainment. Married to a Hollywood agent, she is always mingling with actors. Natalie, oversees the everyday operations for Hot Moms Club and is currently the Editor In Chief. Natalie was a contributor to MOM and Pregnancy Magazine. Babble and OK! Magazine has been a frequent partner to the events Natalie has helped create. Her work has been featured on the WE Network’s series, ”Platinum Babies.” Natalie was a spokesperson for Gerber and has created hybrid mom and blogger outreach with brands such as American Greetings, POM WONDERFUL, Dreamworks, HASBRO, PLAYSKOOL, Sesame Street, Macys, Shutterfly, Cord Blood Registry, W Residents and the Plaza Hotel. She is on the Friends of Baby Buggy committee, a charitable organization that was founded by Jessica Seinfeld. Natalie has two young children, a son and daughter both under the age of 8, and a Havanese dog named Mookie Wilson.

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