Getting Your Skin Spring Ready

Getting Your Skin Spring Ready

I’ve had it with winter. I know it’s technically spring, but did anyone tell the Weatherman that? I might have heard the term “windchill” in the forecast this weekend. No. I say to you, no.

Since I have already decided that the Weatherman isn’t the boss of me, I’m ready for a springtime glow. I asked well-known skincare expert and N.Y.C. Dermatologist Patricia Wexler M.D. for some Spring Beauty Tips. Here’s what the doctor ordered:

Dr. Wexler

Easy Peasy: Most women are frustrated with complicated skincare regimens, nor do they have a lot of time to dedicate to multi-process programs.  What do you feel are the essential products a woman needs for a good regimen for spring?
Patricia Wexler M.D.: Ideal daily care is based on four steps: cleanse, exfoliate, restore, moisturize.

EP: Is there an essential skincare product, other than sunscreen, that every woman should be using as part of an anti-aging skincare program, especially in the warmer months?
PW: Our skin rebuilds and repairs itself as we sleep. Without environmental factors to ward off, skin is able to speed up its natural renewal process and absorb ingredients. This is why nighttime is the best time for active treatment.  That’s why I highly recommend an anti-aging night cream.

EP: It’s important to get rid of winter’s dry flakes to uncover a healthy glow in the spring. But with so many exfoliating products available (scrubs, machines, peel pads, microdermabrasion spa treatments), can there be too much of a good thing?
PW: Daily exfoliation is the key to obtaining gorgeous, glowing skin, yet most exfoliators are so harsh they actually require recovery time after each use. But since I’ve found that daily exfoliation produces dramatic results, [look for] extra gentle products that allow for the daily application of what were once considered to be harsh treatments. (Try Patricia Wexler M.d. Exfoliating Glyco Peel System)

EP: What are your thoughts on the new spring trends, such as “super-anti-oxidants” like coffeeberry?

PW: Anti-oxidants work wonders for the skin.  By fighting free radicals that cause damage to the skin, anti-oxidants as ingredients in skincare reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brighten the complexion and prevent further damage from occurring.  (Try Priori CoffeeBerry Night Complex)

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