Glamping! Too much?

Glamping? Too much? When my husband said he wanted to take my son camping, I said great, go right ahead, but my daughter quickly chimed in, “I want to go too!” CRAP, now I had to go!!  Considering the fact that we hadn’t taken a vacation this year and the entire family now all wanted to go,(except me) I couldn’t really say I would graciously stay home to watch the pets while they were out making lasting memories, so I did what any reluctant mom would do, I looked into GLAMPING! That would be camping with out the grunge and with just the right amount of glam, aahhh, just my style. How did my husband take it? He was ok at first and did some teasing but ask him now which he would prefer………. a hands down GLAMPING!

So here is the deal, there are plenty of places all over the united states that offer camping with the touch of glam. You can even google the word “glamping” and find one close to you. However, does it take away from the real experience of the rugged camping that our children would get? I say NO WAY and here is why. To me,  the experience I wanted for our family and especially our kids was to get out in nature, “unplug” from all electronics and make some lasting family memories. We did just that but got to sleep in real beds too boot! We brought our bikes, packed a cooler, brought some beach towels, snacks, the makings for smores and clothes along with our shower goods, but there was no need to pack bedding or tents or even fire wood for that matter.  The camp site had everything from bathrooms with private showers that were kept immaculate, fresh towels, bath goods, a store where you could purchase everything you needed for a cookout including all the food, drinks, fire wood, starters, EVERYTHING. The little store was one of our best memories of the weekend but the best thing this camp site offered was the chance to make our memories, and that we did. From riding our bikes together to the beach, my son fishing for the first time in the ocean with real fisherman helping and guiding him every step of the way, the kids being together exploring on their own, having a catch with dad, sitting on the ground waiting for the gofer to stick his head up again, sitting around the campfire cooking our dinner and of course making smores for desert, not knowing whether to run or stay as a family of skunks walked right up to us on our site and took our trash followed by the fox family, or all of us climbing into our beds talking about who is going to sleep with who and in what bed and chatting about our day until we all fell asleep. Trust me, the memories are there and I don’t feel we had to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag to get them.

So before you think you never want to go camping, as I once did, or think you have to rough it, consider glamping and I can promise, you will have no regrets just lots of great memories!!



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