3 Skills Experts Say Your Child Needs Before They Start Kindergarten

My mom sometimes likes to remind me that I was a shy child growing up. In fact, I was so painfully shy that it took me a good couple of weeks before I even said my first word in Kindergarten. In the first grade, my teacher mistook my shy nature for either a hearing or vision problem — she couldn’t understand why I never volunteered to raise my hand in class.

Now, there wasn’t anything wrong with me, I simply wasn’t as outgoing as the other kids in my class. Did I lack certain skills before I started my Kindergarten class that year? Maybe. Could my parents or pre-school teachers have done a better job of preparing me for full-time school? Perhaps.

Even if they didn’t, I still managed to become a decent, law-abiding citizen with a family and friends. Being social is a skill that you develop throughout the years.

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 Yet, experts say there are certain life skills that every child needs before they enter Kindergarten.

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