Hey Mr. DJ! Pint-Sized Fulano (aka DJ Arson) Spins at Global Party Hosted by Jason & Haley Binn!

Photo Couretesy of Neil Rasmus, of Billy Farrell Agency.
Fashion week in NYC is known for the best shows and fabulous parties. And no party would be complete without an 8 year old DJ. That’s right you read it properly, an 8 year old DJ.  Pint-sized Fulano aka DJ Arson— whose mentor is celebrity DJ and personality DJ Cassidy— made this year’s list of coveted DJs for fashion week.
During Fashion’s Night Out, Fulano made his way into the Tory Burch party in NYC’s Meatpacking district where he stood on a stool alongside his mentor, DJ Cassidy, while the two moved the crowd and posed for photos.
Just a week later, Fulano, who goes by DJ Arson, was booked as featured talent for the Global Party at the exclusive Core Club.  It was an extravaganza of sorts, starting with the entrance where a brass band greeted guests on the carpet on the way inside.
The party was inspired by the adventures of Phileas Fogg. 80,000+ OF THE WORLD’S ELITE…80+ OF THE WORLD’S FINEST LOCATIONS, and 80+ BENEFITING CHARITIES…ALL WITHIN 24 HOURS. Sounds like a feat- well it was a pretty rockin’ party.
This 8 year old kept a crowd grooving while most other little ones were already in bed for the night. Jason Binn, founder of Niche Media made rounds greeting guests and spending some time in the DJ booth with Fulano. Jason has two daughters of his own he and wife Haley just recently welcomed their newborn son Oscar into the Binn bunch


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