Holly Robinson Peete

Holly Robinson Peete

For close to two decades, Holly Robinson Peete has been a television star with high-profile roles that cross over between comedy and drama. Snagging her first acting gig on the award-winning children’s show Sesame Street at the age of four, she knew her heart was in showbiz by the time she entered college. Once she graduated, Holly landed the role of Officer Judy Hoffs on the hit series 21 Jump Street. From there, her career soared to admirable heights with starring roles on long-running sitcoms Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, For Your Love and Like Family. Gearing up to start production on one of UPN’s latest sitcoms, LOVE, Inc., Holly continues her reign as one of the most consistent faces on the small screen.

Outside of her life as an actress, Holly is married to former NFL quarterback and co-host of Fox Sports Best Damn Sports Show, Rodney Peete, she is a mother of four, a writer (penning the upcoming book “GET YOUR OWN DAMN BEER, I’M WATCHING THE GAME: A Woman’s Guide to Loving Professional Football” – due out in September 2005) and as if leisure time was not rare enough she has added Philanthropist to her name…

Rodney and I started the HollyRod Foundation to help those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. After having children we realized the importance of teaching our kids along with others about philanthropy so we expanded the foundation to include HollyRod4Kids, which promotes helping children in need. The board of advisors of HollyRod4Kids is made up completely of kids including our four little ones and their friends so that they can start getting involved with helping others at a young age.

“With four young children to guide through life I have made it my lifelong promise to myself and to my children to be forever their encourager, to embrace their creativity and fill their lives with all the love their hearts can hold.”

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