HOT MOM Sexuality: Releasing Your Inner Hot Mom

HOT MOM Sexuality: Releasing Your Inner Hot Mom

I’m proud to admit that my husband turns me on … but it wasn’t always easy to act on it. At times we had “intimacy” obstacles because we both brought young children with us into our relationship. When we met, his two sons were five and nine and my son was almost ten.

When having sex was even a remote possibility; the first thing we did was look underneath the bed, then pat it down before taking off any clothing. We performed this ritual just in case one of the kids might be hiding between the pillows.

We were so stressed-out over being caught that it forced us into having sex in all sorts of crazy places. At home, we would sneak down to the garage and utilize the back of the station wagon. While visiting with his parents, we waited for everyone to fall asleep, and then made love on the ninth hole of the abutting golf course. At a hotel in, when the boys nodded off we did it on the pedestal sink in the bathroom. Making it fun and using imagination was our salvation.

One day I decided to try something outlandish. I had my niece Judi, introduce me to my husband as somebody else, a young woman visiting from named Holly Weinstein (It was two weeks before Halloween). Because of the dramatic disguise – I used a wig, enlisted help from a make-up artist, wore new flashy clothes and borrowed a silver Mercedes convertible with a Florida license plate from a friend, he didn’t recognize me.

When he asked us where I was, Judi and I harmonized that we didn’t know. He checked the answering machine for messages and listened to the one that I had fabricated earlier for him to hear – that I was picking-up the kids from little league and would be gone a while. He returned to the living room agitated and apologized to us that his wife had forgotten about our visit.

Then, my husband started to flirt with me, or rather, I should say with Holly! This could be misconstrued as a way to entrap a husband and challenge his loyalty but that was never my intent. This was about having fun. I’m not a jealous person; instead I’m fearless and full of sexual confidence.

After 30 minutes, it was becoming impossible for me to contain my laughter, he said, “You know your a lot like my wife’s sister”. That confirmed it, he wasn’t playing with me, he really thought that I was Holly. When I began to laugh his hands trembled and he started to sweat. Finally, he figured it out. He searched deeply into my eyes for help. Then I saw a light bulb go on in his head, Wow, I can have sex with Holly! And it’s totally Ok with my wife.

We’ve been together so long that those three little boys grew up to be an animated Film Editor at DreamWorks, a HLS graduate and practicing attorney, and a real estate developer. I’m much older now but I’m still a Hot Mom and to me my husband will always be a rock star.


Hot Moms Club was founded in 2005 and have had their fingers on the pulse of mom trends ever since. Their philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’

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