How Drew Barrymore Dropped 20lbs Quickly for Her New Netflix Series

“I Had Sort of Let Myself Go”

no makeup Drew barrymore
Credit: Instagram / @drewbarrymore

Drew Barrymore is starring in a new Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet in which she plays a zombie.

Barrymore reveals that the numbers on the scale were creeping up following her 2015 divorce from her third husband, Will Kopelman, and that the show came at the right time.

“It came at the middle of a moment in my life where I had sort of let myself go due to personal circumstances, and I thought I could come alive with Sheila [her character in the show],” Barrymore explained.

In Barrymore’s new show, her character morphs into a flesh-eating member of the undead, and the actress let this (sort of) guide her new eating regime.

She incorporated lots more filling protein into her diet, she said, and she saw the pounds drop.

The result?

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