How to Buy the Right Treadmill for You

My recently renewed love for running led me to investing in my own treadmill.  Home workouts are key for this busy mom and hitting the mill whenever I have  25+ minutes has allowed me to be more consistent with fitness than ever before. A really cool byproduct is that my husband has been inspired as well and is taking advantage of our new fitness equipment too. I love that we have this in common now. We encourage one another and even compete sometimes! For the time being, I’m enjoying being in better cardio shape than he is, but I see him surpassing me in no time. That pushes me to break my PR (personal records) all the more.

Looking at the vast amount of treadmill brands and models overwhelmed me. Which one was the best? What did I need? What didn’t I need? I’m no Ironman but, at the same time, I wanted to get something that was good quality that worked for both me and my husband. So I decided on a few features that I knew I really wanted and set out to find the best match for my household.  I had a $2000 budget and really wanted all the bells and whistles plus a solid warranty. So I read reviews that helped me break down the latest treadmills by their features, benefits and pricing. I also had an opportunity to hop on the mills and see which was the best feel within my price range. I also wanted something that felt durable. After much research and deliberation, the treadmill that was the best fit for our family was the BH S3Ti Treadmill. Simply put, it gave us the biggest bang for our buck! Add to that a five-year warranty and I was sold.

Large Running Surface: I am all of 5’2” and my husband is 6’2” so making sure we could both train on the same treadmill was key for us. The 22” x 55” running surface is extra wide and long enough for both of our varying stride lengths. I love the safety feature of the extra wide running belt as I have had some close calls on more narrow models in the past. The orthopedic running belt provides a comfortable lower impact run (much healthier on the joints than a street run) and the Active Flex II Suspension System uses a tapered cushion that allows us to take advantage of the full range of shock absorption despite our wide weight range.

Folding & Easy to Move:  We live in a small home and with two little ones running around so I needed a space saving treadmill. Not only did I need it to fold up when I wasn’t using it, I wanted to make sure the unfolding process was easy enough to do by myself. The Safe Drop System uses what seems like a hi-tech hydraulic system that unfolds the treadmill in a slow and steady manner with a simple hands-free click of a foot pedal. The transport wheels make it easy for me to move out of the room when we entertain or just need more floor space to play with the kids.

Quick Keys for Speed & Incline:  I was dead set on finding a treadmill that had a high incline and this one goes up to 12%, which was perfect. Reason being, I’ve fallen in love with the Treadmill Run 1 workout by Nancy Anderson on the BH Trainer App, which is a high intensity 30 minute interval training session on the treadmill. She works your tail off with quick changing intervals of sprints, running, uphill jogs, uphill sprints and the treadmill Quick Keys allow me to change pace and incline quickly and easily. Speed adjusts all way up to 12 mph, although I’ll admit I haven’t needed to go quite that fast, yet!

Quiet Motor & Belt:  Another feature I desperately needed was for the treadmill for it to be really quiet. I run when the kids nap and also after they have gone down for the night so a loud hum and lots of squeaking would have kept them up and would’ve been really frustrating. The large 2.5” rollers and Whisper Quiet 3.0 horsepower motor provides a nice and quiet yet powerful run.

Technology: As an admitted tech geek, when I heard you could “entertain while you train” with BH’s iConcept Bluetooth Technology I was intrigued! My all time favorite feature of the S3Ti is that it allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly to your treadmill. If you use a Bluetooth enabled heart rate strap, it connects to that as well. iConcept allows you to use the BH partnered fitness apps for both IOS and Android offering over 10,000 training videos and hundreds of workouts. And for the days when you just want to jump on and gel out, you can watch movies, peruse Facebook, play games, all while you track your workout in the background with the apps. You can also share your workouts via social media. My husband and I are having fun “encouraging” each other (more like one-upping each other) with these Facebook shares. It’s healthy competition!

Bottom line is, working out makes me much more happy and pleasant mama and wife. Add to that the fabulous byproduct of working out keeps me fit and healthy it’s a no-brainer must-have investment in my health and wellness. It’s also been a fun boost to my marriage! You know what they say “Happy HOT wife. Happy life!”

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