By: Tammy Gibson

Back To School! HOW TO LOOK LIKE A HOT MOM IN TIME FOR SCHOOL.  It’s back-to-school time!  That means for you too, Mom!  Are you ready to get up each morning, comb your hair, get dressed and put on some makeup so you look presentable to the world?  What’s that?  You don’t have time? Sure you do!  Being a mom does not give you permission to look frumpy!  Get your game on and make yourself a priority!

When you look your best you are not distracted by your clothing, your hair or your makeup. You are confident in how you look so that you can get on with your day and your more important tasks such as family, home or business.

Here are some tips to help you look your best each day for early morning drop off:

Your first mission is to organize your closet and put together several Go-To-Outfits.  Avoid sloppy, ill-fitting apparel that’s stained (in fact, throw them out!).  You want to present yourself as the very together Hot Mom you are!  Choose fitted, modern styles that flatter your body type.  Just so we are clear, sweats do not flatter any body type!  Knowing that you have a few outfits that look good takes the stress out of morning dressing.  The night before, check to make sure every thing is clean, pressed and ready to wear.  Lay it out, including the shoes, so you can get dressed quickly.

Handbag and Shoes:

The pieces that tie your look together!  Your running shoes and backpack are not considered fashion accessories and while they have their place in life, the school parking lot is not the place for them unless you are chaperoning a field trip.  There are plenty of stylish flats and sport style shoes for those that need a completely functional pair but keep in mind, a great heel is always a treat to wear!  Kitten heels, heeled boots and wedge heels are equally as functional and a lot higher on the fashion scale!

As for handbags, please don’t wear them on your back.  Just because you are a mom, you don’t need to carry a stained, dirty bag that is a bottomless pit!  Find a pretty tote that is functional for carrying your many “mommy necessities” but speaks to your individual style and taste.


Your outfit gains instant style with great accessories!  Wearing a funky cocktail ring, strands of beads or a chunky bracelet takes your style up a notch and looks like you actually tried to get ready!  Kudos!  Wear a hat on days you can’t do a thing with your hair but make sure it is a stylish hat…not just any old baseball cap will do!  Belts are also a fun way to change up your outfit!  Leave the shirt tucked out and belted for a modern urban style!

If you are always rushed in the morning, take a shower and blow-dry your hair the night before.  You’ll save precious morning time and will only need to freshen your hairstyle, add a bit of product and perhaps an accessory.  Wearing a ponytail?  Make it chic and modern.  Avoid scrunchies and the standard ponytail.  Your hair deserves attention and wants to look pretty too!

Skin Care:

Don’t skip your morning skin care routine!  You need to wash off the dead skin cells and oil that accumulated on your face overnight!  Swipe a cotton ball dipped in toner over your skin for a quick cleaning.  Apply your moisturizer with SPF everyday!

No time for makeup?  Then do the minimum:  replace your moisturizer with an SPF Tinted Moisturizer (Multi-tasking products are a busy moms best friend!).  It will help even out your skin tone, provide moisture and sun protection.  Apply mascara and lip gloss (not Chapstick!) to enhance your natural beauty.  Have a bit more time? Add an all over eye color, concealer and bronzer to cheeks and temples.  If you are headed to a meeting after drop off, use your foundation instead of Tinted Moisturizer and apply eyeliner.  Save the full makeup for business meetings, dates with your hubby or shopping with your girlfriends.

No one expects you to show up at school at 7:30 in the morning looking like a beauty queen but you should expect of yourself to show up looking like you care.  Look the best you can by making good wardrobe and makeup choices.  Plan ahead for scheduling reasons and you’re sure to show up looking like a confident, radiant Hot Mom!

Tammy Gibson is a mom of 2, wife and Editor of

She also contributes beauty and style articles to

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Hot Moms Club was founded in 2005 and have had their fingers on the pulse of mom trends ever since. Their philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’

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