I don't get it!

I know I am very much in the minority, but what up with this face book craze? Don’t get me started on twitter! I get why single people might want to be on it. They might still be looking for Mr. or Mrs. right, but when you are married……..WHY?  I personally have everyone in my life that I WANT to be in my life. If you are not in my life, well then, maybe that is for a reason. Why do I need to post pictures of my family and write a novel about my doings for at best, acquaintances!  If I have pictures to share, I will send them to my family members. After all, they are the ones who want to see them?  Isn’t it a bit presumptuous to think that all those people even care? I personally, HATE getting those “end-of-the-year” e-mails from sister-in-laws or whoever else feels like sending those to me. One, I really don’t have time to read them and two, sorry but I really don’t CARE that your baby is eating solid foods now and your son made a goal!!!!!!  I really don’t have time to draw on your wall(something in facebook) or view your friends. And if I were to “not accept” a friend request, then I’m a bitch. No thanks, I graduated High School a long time ago, I now spend time with my family and the few close friends that I do keep and my life is very full!


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