Inside Brooke Anderson’s Daughters Kate’s Birthday At The Santa Monica Pier

Brooke tells us “My daughter Kate’s 3rd birthday party was Saturday 5/12 at the historic carousel at the Santa Monica Pier (Kate’s actual birthday is May 5th but the carousel was unavailable for a party that day)”.  Photos Courtesy of CharlotteLee Photography.

How hard is it to find the perfect place for a party?  “The carousel is one of Kate’s favorite weekend activities, and she wanted to share the fun with her friends. Kate’s buddies from preschool, church, our neighborhood, and play dates, were all there to help her celebrate!  All the children got wristbands so they could ride the carousel endlessly. I think the sounds of laughter and joy could be heard all the way down the pier!”

Where did you get her adorable birthday cake?  “I first tasted a Hansen’s cake at a neighbor’s birthday party for her son, and I was hooked! I have bought one for Kate’s birthday each year. It is decadent and such a treat for the adults too!”



Good Bags are always the HIT of the Party how did you come up with yours?  “I made the goodie buckets an arts & crafts project, so Kate and I enjoyed shopping for toys and then assembling them together! We painted each child’s name on the front of a bucket, filled with surprises, wrapped it in cellophane and tied with ribbon. When I did a final check to make sure all the kids had adequate goodies, I found one of Kate’s kid flossers inside, so I warned all the guests not to be surprised if they found a half eaten snack or even flossers in their buckets!”

— The Goodie buckets included Mabel’s labels, Itzy Ritzy snack bags, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, toy animals, balls, stickers, play dough, and bracelets and nail polish for the girls.




Why did you pick MABEL’S LABELS AND ITZY RITZY “I am a big fan of Mabel’s labels… almost everything Kate owns has one of those cute labels on it somewhere! They added a special, personalized touch to each of the kids’ buckets. The Itzy Ritzy snack bags are adorable, and very handy to have for your toddler when you’re on the go. My girlfriends wanted to know where they could buy more! I am grateful to both Mabel’s Labels and Itzy Ritzy for providing such fun items for the party!”

You can create your own bday party bags, using Mabel’s Labels New Loot Bag Combo, that was inspired by the many celebs that use them:

Itzy Ritzy’s reusable snack bags, they are perfect for school and camp, as they are washable and have fun prints!

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