Which Juice Cleanse Is Right For You ?


Just the idea of another pie and turkey stuffing will make you gain several pounds. Which Juice Cleanse Is Right For You ? The holidays are over and time to get back on a healthy tract. You have probably seen plenty of celebrities with their trendy green juices and you are ready to take the plunge. But which one to choose? Juice bars and juice cleanses are popping up on every corner now and it can be rather intimidating, which one is the best choice for you as they all promise toxin flush, thin waste line, energy and much more.

Let’s first explain what juice cleanse is and why to do it. Digestion is a complex combination of biological interactions and chemical reactions taking place at every stop along the extensive thirty feet long GI tract journey. It requires a tremendous amount of energy and body’s attention. Our constant eating and snacking makes the body to work around the clock not allowing a needed ‘down time’ period. When we juice we remove the digestive burden while still providing needed nutrient content. The freed up digestive capacity can now be utilized by the body to repair and self-heal.

The problem with juicing alone is that it does not completely cleanse the system nor flushes out the toxins as promised. Living in a modern world we are surrounded by many harsh pollutants, toxins and chemicals found in plastic bottles, processed food, body care product, radiation from electronics, carpeting, car seat and many others. Juicing will nourish your body, fight free radicals and oxidative effects but it will not remove these harmful poisons from your body, period! These toxins are deeply stored in fatty tissue, muscle and even bones. Once they make their way in our body doesn’t know how to metabolize them as they are foreign substances and they get stuck creating a havoc on our DNA, nerve and endocrine system just to mention few.

That’s what sets clubDetox (locations in Newport Beach and Laguna Niguel) apart from all the other juice bars, juice labs and other establishments. Their cleanse is a true detox. We not only incorporate juicing to nourish, alkaline living water to hydrate but also infrared heat therapy to remove the mentioned poisons. They do not use any plastic bottles because if you are cleansing you need to remove all plastic contact. Produce is hand picked and measured for living energy to deliver only the best nutritional content. The product of a proper and true detox is a harmony and proper pH balance.

clubDetox juice cleanses are complete and will make you feel truly cleansed from the inside out. Toxins flushed out, cells rejuvenated and tissues ready to function and perform. It is no mistake why many doctors, oncologist, professors, nutritionists and other health professionals flock to clubDetox to get their own fix.

clubDetox Juice Cleanse


Lenka Koloma

Leading health practitioner and lifestyle coach with extensive expertise in detox, toxicology, nutritional science, physiology and science of life. Lenka cured her debilitating chronic disease of 30 years through her revolutionary detox protocol focusing on creating a proper alkaline pH body setting. Lenka's detox program healed many with chronic health issues such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, thyroid disease, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, digestive issues, auto-immune problems, cancer and many other conditions. Lenka is the founder and owner of club Detox with locations in Newport Beach and Laguna Niguel, CA.

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