Just When You Thought Antonio Sabato Jr. Couldn’t Get Any Sexier…Just Read…

Photo Provided by Antonio Sabato Jr.

Just when you thought Antonio Sabato Junior couldn’t get any sexier…. read our interview…what he says about his wife and kids is so touching….nothing is hotter than a man who adores his family!




HHM:  Antonio Sabato Jr.

We just love your new web series Little Women, Big Cars on AOL, it’s hilarious and well written, you play the ‘Hot’ Kid’s Soccer Coach that all the moms lust over, tell us more about that role and the series~


The show is a new concept on the web and working really well.  They are looking at turning it into a TV show.  It is shot like a movie, but then broken up into pieces to make it a little series.  The director, Melanie Merab approached me about the character and I thought it was hysterical and funny, a great role to play. I really enjoyed that it’s a story about cool relationships between parents, soccer coaches and divorced parents… the cast is amazing and talented, Ed Begley Jr, Amy Yasbeck, Kristy Swanson are a few. The director is just an amazing director! Everything was there for us .. This is really one of my favorite webisodes, check it out; 



On a scale of 1 to 10 how tech-savvy are you?  Do, you have a smart phone? If so what is your favorite app or guilty pleasure? iPhone 4g and about 10.  My favorite application? Well I have 4 that I love! Euro Sport, you can follow all your sports, tennis, racing and boxing. – Twitter and  Facebook are great because I love connecting with fans! –  Instagram – It makes  posting pictures easy, and my fans can see photo’s easily, so I like that.  Plus I have life360 too- it’s a great application! 



What is your favorite Father’s Day memory and or Father’s Day gift? Every year Cheryl and the kids get me flowers and cards and let me relax for the day!  And that means a lot to me.  My daughter Mina and son Jack draw for me. I really like the handmade gifts. The little things mean so much more! 

Finish this sentence, Being a Dad is…..the best thing that ever happened to me!

Take a minute and brag about your kids/family. I have the best family in the world, the best kids, the best wife.. She is caring and loving and I am the luckiest man on the planet… and I feel like I am the greatest dad because I have the greatest family…


Can you tell us what other projects are you working on now?

I am working on a online magazine out of Tulsa – Real Mag … I am really interested in the real American folks.

I have partnered with David H. Loni Petrova of MDI Carbonfire to create stylish, high performance products in the world of cars. At MDI Performance, Inc. customers can find quality carbon fiber aftermaket parts for their Ducati, Yamaha, Buell, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki motorcycles.


You can get the latest updates from Antonio on Twitter @antoniosabatojr or on Facebook 



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