Keurig 2.0 Brewer Review

Keurig 2.0 Brewer A Honest Review!!!

To say that my husband and I are fans of Keurig is an understatement. Honestly, we love, love, love our elite brew! The ability to make whatever we want, whenever we want is an incredible thing, and our coffee/tea/hot chocolate always tastes good!

We have purchased numerous Keurig brewers for ourselves from Bed Bath and Beyond over the years.  We’ve convinced nearly every member of our family into getting one too!  My husband likes the pre-made K-cups. I like to brew my own tea or coffee in the Keurig detachable K-cup.

Recently, Keurig invited me to a private viewing of the new Keurig 2.0 as it hit  Hollywood, CA as part of a weekend of Emmy’s pampering since they were an official sponsor of the show ( see here all the celebrities we saw).  While Keurig did take me away for the weekend, all opinions are my own and this is an honest review. It was love at first sight to see  the Keurig K550 2.0.  It has the most advanced technology and is the top of the line brewer of Keurig thus far.  It  provides brewing simplicity, versatility, variety, convenience, speed and consistency.

The biggest  highlight for us is that you now can actually brew a carafe of 4 cups in addition to still being able to brew a single cup!  So if you have guests over, you don’t have to wait to to fill each individual cup!  I love that the carafe is not an additional purchase.  It is included with the brewer  along with a 4 K-Carafe pack and 6 K-Cup packs, a water filter kit with a filter included in the package as well as the owner’s manual. My husband is going crazy over the carafe… I foresee a whole day of drinking way too much coffee in his future!

Here are some  other highlights of the brewer

1. This is a smart brewer that takes all the guess-work out because of the conversation that is happening between the K-cup or K-carafe pack and the brewer: There is a camera inside the brewer, reading the top of the pack- the lid to make sure it brews at the perfect temperature, making sure the right amount of water goes through the pack and of course timing is also important.

2. You can brew from 4 oz. to 32 oz. carafe.

3. You can customize the display as It has a green colored 2.8 inch touch display that you can use to manage the great options like adjustable strength control, programmable clock, auto off and customizable features to make it your own, like the nightlight, personalized brew and wallpaper settings.

4. You can auto brew the over 250 varieties of  coffee, mochas, tea, hot cocoa, iced and specialty beverages of 40 well-known brands with the guarantee of Keurig quality. You must use the cups with the new keurig seal of approval. Also the k-Carafe are recyclable! I did not want to make any mistakes so here is what Keurig says ” We continue to pursue our 2020 Sustainability target to make 100% of K-Cup® packs recyclable

K-Carafe packs are new packs developed specifically for use in the Keurig® 2.0 system. The plastic cups are made of polypropylene (#5) plastic, which can be separated from the lid and filter and recycled wherever #5 plastic is accepted. Polypropylene (#5) plastic is currently accepted for recycling in approximately 60% of communities in the United States and 93% of communities in Canada. Keurig® 2.0 users should check with their local municipality or waste hauler to determine if their communities recycle #5 plastic.” 

5. The 80 oz. size illuminated water reservoir has a flip-top for easy refilling as this is the largest of Keurig brewers.

6. The machine talks!!! Guess what? The machine will say ‘More water please’ when needed!!!

 7. You can just boil water! I  love that you don’t have to taste coffee when you just want to boil water!!!  It comes with the brewer maintenance alerts to help maintain the machine functionality.

8. It has the energy save mode, works on 1470 watts of power and 120 Volts and 60 Hertz.

9. It is easy to clean, you can just wipe clean the exterior (the housing is made of solid plastic) with a damp cloth. It weighs just under 14 pounds when empty and has the measurements of 10.43 x 13.63 x 13.45 inches, comes with a 12 month limited parts and labour warranty by the manufacturer.

I am serious when I can tell you that this is one of the best brewers on the market today and it offers wonderful value for the money.

Natalie Klein

Natalie Klein CEO and Co-Owner started with HMC in 2008, she has an insatiable appetite for celebrities and the world of entertainment. Married to a Hollywood agent, she is always mingling with actors. Natalie, oversees the everyday operations for Hot Moms Club and is currently the Editor In Chief. Natalie was a contributor to MOM and Pregnancy Magazine. Babble and OK! Magazine has been a frequent partner to the events Natalie has helped create. Her work has been featured on the WE Network’s series, ”Platinum Babies.” Natalie was a spokesperson for Gerber and has created hybrid mom and blogger outreach with brands such as American Greetings, POM WONDERFUL, Dreamworks, HASBRO, PLAYSKOOL, Sesame Street, Macys, Shutterfly, Cord Blood Registry, W Residents and the Plaza Hotel. She is on the Friends of Baby Buggy committee, a charitable organization that was founded by Jessica Seinfeld. Natalie has two young children, a son and daughter both under the age of 8, and a Havanese dog named Mookie Wilson.

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