I never thought I would be asking for a Car for Mother’s day! OK, maybe Mothers day and My birthday and My Anniversary since they all fall within 3 months!!! I recently had the opportunity to test drive the New Kia Sorento

Before we had children, but certainly in the process of discussing having them, my husband and I would see a lot of minivans driving around.  He would tease me that we were going to get one and the thought would make me shudder (at the very least).

When we actually had our children, we started with a mid-sized SUV and have since moved on to a station wagon.  We’ve found that while we’ve like both vehicles, each had one distinct disadvantage.  While the SUV had lots of space and it’s lack of a third row wasn’t an issue at the time, the gas mileage left a lot to be desired (and with a $4.17/gallon price tag on regular in Los Angeles, that just wasn’t going to fly).  With the wagon, we’re finding that there’s not nearly enough cargo space and now a third row would come in really handy.  The KIA Sorento  right off the bat, cures both of the issues we’ve had with the last two cars.  The car based frame contributes to great gas mileage (depending on the engine you choose, a range of 26 – 32 mpg highway), in one week I did not get close to emptying the tank!

Then there’s an amazing amount of cargo space and also a third row seat (standard on the V6 engine models) so toting around a friend or two is easy. I loved being able to tell friends that I could take their child home after school. Offer to take the kids for yogurt and my kids loved it too! Without it having to be a huge BOAT.


The car is gorgeous and the options are many.  The thing that struck me when I first sat down in the driver’s seat was the comfort of the seats.  There’s plenty of leg room and the seat adjusts very easily.  I also noticed that the car has a rather serene feel – especially with it’s nighttime lighting.  The gages are well placed and all are simple to read.  All of the controls are very easily in reach.  The touch screen on the radio made it very easy to find the music I needed quickly (and as we all know, doing anything quickly with kids in the car is an essential).


Turning on the car took a little getting used to.  It’s got a keyless ignition so after all the driving years of my life getting used to simply pushing a button to start the car was something I definitely adjusted to by the end of the week with the Sorrento ( but had visions of my first stick car.. a keyless entry would have been an interesting concept:).


When backing out of my parking spot, I discovered that the touch screen on the radio converted to a screen of my rear view.  This, I feel, is one of the great safety inventions of the last few years – especially on an SUV.  Cars of a certain size sometimes make it difficult to get a great view of what’s going on in back of you.  This feature helps immensely.

As the Sorento is a car frame based SUV and the model I tested was the V6 engine, I noticed it had a lot of pep and immediately engaged in first gear (having a turbo engine on my own car has gotten me frustrated with and, unfortunately, used to that “turbo stall” which takes a fraction of a second for the car to engage).  The steering is tight like a German sedan, the drive is as smooth as can possibly be imagined and the road noise is kept to a minimum – an important feature when you’re trying to concentrate on the road and distinguish what you 3 year-old is trying to ask for at the same time.

One feature I couldn’t believe was the sun roof.  Let me rephrase, sun roofs. Yes, there were two.  It almost makes you feel like you’re driving a convertible SUV.  OK, not quite, but they do let in an awful lot of light and air.  It’s a feature I never even had any idea I would want, but now…


The other feature that I Loved, Loved, Loved! was that the side rear view mirrors they moved inwards when you turn the car off. How many times do I come back to the car after parking at the mall and find scratches!  This is brilliant


There’s plenty of room for the rear seat passengers, even with the seats back as far as I could get them (without losing contact with the gas/brake pedals) my children, who are still in car seats, could not kick the back of my chair!  And speaking of car seats, the anchors are a little deep in the firm back seats with made them just a tad hard to get to but once the car seat in installed, it’s in there good and strong. Making you feel extremely comfortable for your child’s safety. .  My biggest issue with the Kia Sorrento…I had to give it back.


Disclosure: We were  not compensated or paid in any way for this post. We  received this car from Kia to review and feature in this gift guide and  We are sharing this for the benefit of our readers. All opinions are our  own.***


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