Kids Leave Adorable Note For Injured Police Officer Who Has Been Like A Father Figure To Them

Well this is certainly adorable. Connecticut police officer Anthony Nolan was injured during a routine traffic stop a few weeks ago. Recently he came home to find a note from 8 and 9 year old siblings Malik and Tasha taped to his door, wishing him a speedy recovery. He posted the note to his Facebook page. 

You see, Officer Nolan first met the siblings a few years ago on the beach and has been a presence in their lives ever since. According to TODAY Nolan was working on the beach that day when he heard the kids crying. He explains, “I heard crying and when I approached them and asked the person who I assumed was their grandmother what happened, she explained that their book got wet and they didn’t get to read it,” he said. “I tried to calm them down because it seemed like the book was important to them.”

At that point Officer Nolan began talking with the kids about books, and ever since he visits the kids at least once a week to read to them and take them to the library or the park or even walks on the beach. Basically, because they didn’t have a father figure in their life, Officer Nolan stepped up to be a solid male figure and role model for the kids. And it’s obvious that he means the world to them. Take a look at the notes that they left duct taped to the Officer’s door.







Officer Nolan posted the picture to his facebook page and captioned it ‘Talk about fighting tears. This was duck taped to my door today. Can’t tell me this is not the best. “So worth sharing”. Love those kids. Lol left me coffee $.’

The note says “I don’t have a dad only you read to me. I will tell police station boss to not make you work in danger cause that best for you. I can ask my doctor to make you better he is good.” They even taped coffee money to the note!

Officer Nolan says that he volunteers with many youth in his area, especially those with no father figure in the house or who live with single parents or grandparents, and it’s obvious that what he’s doing is really making a difference in these kids lives. Get well soon Officer Nolan!


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