Kim Kardashian Selfie! Could You Do It? #Hotmomsclub (Photo)

Kim Kardashian rocked the instagram world with a selfie of herself in a white bathing suit yesterday. Showing off all of her curves since having her baby North West in June.

Could you take a selfie like this only 4 months post partum? Would you ?

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Photo Source Instagram
Photo Source Instagram

Natalie Klein

Natalie Klein CEO and Co-Owner started with HMC in 2008, she has an insatiable appetite for celebrities and the world of entertainment. Married to a Hollywood agent, she is always mingling with actors. Natalie, oversees the everyday operations for Hot Moms Club and is currently the Editor In Chief.

Natalie was a contributor to MOM and Pregnancy Magazine. Babble and OK! Magazine has been a frequent partner to the events Natalie has helped create.

Her work has been featured on the WE Network’s series, ”Platinum Babies.” Natalie was a spokesperson for Gerber and has created hybrid mom and blogger outreach with brands such as American Greetings, POM WONDERFUL, Dreamworks, HASBRO, PLAYSKOOL, Sesame Street, Macys, Shutterfly, Cord Blood Registry, W Residents and the Plaza Hotel. She is on the Friends of Baby Buggy committee, a charitable organization that was founded by Jessica Seinfeld. Natalie has two young children, a son and daughter both under the age of 8, and a Havanese dog named Mookie Wilson.

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23 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Selfie! Could You Do It? #Hotmomsclub (Photo)”

  1. I COULD take a pic like this 3 months after having my baby AND not look overweight. But that doesn’t mean I WOULD out of respect for my baby and myself as a new mom. And I’m a 21 year old single mom. And the only thing I do is take care of my baby and go to work. Kim is in her late 30s or early 40s and is acting like a teenage attention starved girl. Grow up and be a mom. Your baby is the only thing that should be on your mind, not if people think your ass is still hot.

  2. Hey more power to her! I bounced right back after my older son my and it took some time after my second. I wouldn’t do it out of respect for my husband and mom! But she looks amazing! Go Kim!!!

  3. I could have my body was banging after I dropped seems like having my little girl made my body beautiful at 4 months no stretched marks. But being a mother and wanting to be responsible I just could not show all the world my goodies that’s for my husband or my man’s eyes only that be a private bootie pic for him only lol….

  4. This is how she got her claim to fame. Showing her body for the world to see. And, she wanders why folks have no respect for her. Sad, but true, and she will probably encourage her children to do the same. Here’s the question? Would she have taken the picture if she had a son? It’s always that we teach our daughters to show off our bodies to get the men, but we teach our sons to “watch out” for women who show off their bodies, as in this photo and other post of her. Or, what if they were married? Would her husband have approved of her public display? What are we teaching our children when we celebrate this act publicly? Are we teaching our children that this display is ok, because of our rights as an American? Or, are we teaching them that this is not appropriate, and you will suffer consequences, there of? Remember the politicians and other celebrity men who have displayed this act. Why did we condemn these men, yet celebrate act? Is it because she’s a woman, who we expect this from, because she’s not held in any position of influence or authority? So basically, we expect/accept this type of behavior, because she’s just a trend, and she will fade? So the question remains, What are we teaching our children?

  5. take advantage of your body while you can….I have 5 kids and I bounce back with no problem…but I dont show it off like this though…(:

  6. I think her body looks amazing, But I’m sorry Kim I do not like your blond hair it fades you out,,,Your dark hair shows your big pretty brown eyes this looks awful!,,But go Kim your getting your body back!

  7. I’m sure she is proud of her figure, but I’d rather see her stretch marks (to know just how bad or good she had it in that regard) and her fat or flat stomach (to see if she’s a typical after-child bearing looking woman, or really did some extra work/surgery to make it go away). She is a celeb after all, so she doesn’t get the luxury of being considered a normal woman who can look like she had a baby. Show it or go home.

    Aside from that, I’d rather not see that she has a wedgie, a really fat ass, and a side shot of her breast. None of those are appealing.

  8. I think Kim Kardashian looks great after just having her baby 4 months ago!! She is beautiful no matter what and people need to stop hating!!! If I looked as good as Kim I would be showing myselfie off too!! She rocks and looks hot!!! Love you Kim Kardashian!!! ♥♥♥

  9. I think she looks amazing. Its hard work to look that good after having a baby. She is a natural beauty even without her amazing body. Good for her. I would think any negative comments would only arise from jealously or just plain haters. Which this world could do without. Blessings to her and her family.

  10. I had a eight lb. 10 oz. baby and got my body back in three weeks. Breast feeding does wonders for your body and baby.

  11. She never needs to worry about finding someone to love her….cause she’s in love with herself…Good luck with that….

  12. If I had thousands of dollars to have the best personal trainer money can buy…I’m pretty sure I could look like this, only difference I wouldn’t feel the need to post photos on the internet….that say look at me…please look at me….

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