KONY 2012 Do we make him FAMOUS or INFAMOUS?

KONY 20012 has taken the internet by storm.  KONY 2012 is about making Joseph Kony famous. Who is Joseph Kony? From what we understand he is a warlord in Uganda responsible for the enslavement of 30,000 children as child soldiers and sex slaves. The aim isn’t to make him famous in a good way – it is a campaign for his arrest.

Plenty of celebrities have gotten involved in sharing Invisible Children’s video about KONY 2012….George Clooney,  Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Ryan Seacrest, P Diddy tweeted, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Cody Simpson, Nicole Richie

Oprah wrote, “Thanks tweeps for sending me info about ending #LRAviolence . I am aware. Have supported with $’s and voice and will not stop.#KONY2012.”

We are curious how you feel about this campaign? What helps you support it? What deters you from Supporting it?  Do we ever really know enough about an organization to make a donation? Is just helping someone who needs help? How do you feel about the celebrity involvement?  Below you will see one of our founders thoughts! We encourage you to be honest everyone whether we agree or not deserves a voice!


My take on Kony 2012 – Joy Bergin

It’s a good thing!!!!!  I have to say, the so called backlash of this blows my mind. First, let’s address the fund raising. The founders them selves have not shied away from any explanation of how their funds are spent. They explain it as a three tiered spending fund. One, to fund the movie. Two, to pay for shirts, banners, volunteers, buses,etc. and third, straight to the invisible children’s fund.  That being said, donate only if you feel comfortable, no one is twisting your arm.

To address the backlash regarding concern that our focus be elsewhere, I say, then YOU start your own campaign focusing on what you want to focus on.  Kony 2012 wants all the the focus to go to the Kony and LRA cause because it cares about these children and these families and it is just plain evil and wrong. Maybe other causes will follow suit and what a great thing that would be!

Now for the backlash regarding making him famous therefor giving him MORE power. First off, if it is giving him more power then why is he now on the run? On the contrary, he is now being exposed for what he truly is and will be arrested and stopped after 26 years of kidnapping, raping and killing.This being the entire goal of the project, and I for one am very happy and impressed that it was made and at  the success that it has had. If anyone thinks that getting the word out does no good, look again, especially in this social networking world we now live in. My only complaint about this entire campaign is that they are calling him famous and not infamous. Famous- good, infamous- bad. Let’s get that straight, there is nothing good about this evil person so let’s call a spade a spade!!  INfamous!!!!!

In closing, we have to look at the overall agenda of the movie/campaign.What is it trying to do? Is it trying to do good for the world we all share and live in. Would the end result make this a better world?  If the answer is yes, then just stop the hating and step up to the plate.





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