Kristy Swanson Fast Way To Loose Weight!

Kristy Swanson Fast Way To Loose Weight!.  It’s been over twenty years since we first saw Kristy Swanson on screen. Her explanation of Ferris Bueller’s absence from school in the wildly popular Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, helped introduce us to her fresh face and perky personality.

Even though that was one of her first major roles, Kristy had been acting since she was nine.
After Ferris, she wielded a wooden stake in a group of hungry vampires to establish herself in the cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Working consistently for the past thirty years, she’s earned jobs on Early Edition with Kyle Chandler, The Phantom with Billy Zane, Big Daddy with Adam Sandler, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent and CSI: Miami.

Despite her impressive and long resume, one of the roles she most passionately embraced has been mom.

She and her partner, Olympic Athlete Lloyd Eisler, welcomed Magnus Hart Swanson Eisler in February 2007 and Kristy’s smile is one that only one proud mama can show.

Magnus, meaning “great” in Swedish (her family’s got Swedish roots), matched with Hart “made his name mean big or great heart,” explained Kristy when she spoke to HMC. “I thought that was a great name for him.”

Well done, because not only does Magnus have a great name, but a great set of parents. Kristy states, “I pride myself on the fact that Lloyd and I DO NOT have a Nanny and we raise Magnus on our own.” She adds, “Yes, of course we have baby-sitters when needed adult time, but no live-in, live-out Nanny.”

Kristy understands well that being a mom isn’t an easy job. After reading baby books, she found that the books can miss some major aspects of becoming a mother. This was especially true when she attempted to nurse Magnus. Unlike the “it’s the most natural thing in the world approach” that many people and books give, she explains things didn’t go as smoothly as planned. “It was a real problem for me and I felt like there was something wrong with me. None of the books ever told me of the feelings I would get if I was unable to nurse.” She also stresses, “it is NOT A BAD thing (not to be able to nurse) and is NOT for everyone.”

Magnus nursed for only the first five weeks, but Kristy states the books never really explained just how exhausted a mom can get. “Just how hard it is to be able to function properly and be nursing your newborn every 2-3 hours? It was amazing just how dependent my baby was on Lloyd and me.” Kristy emphasizes that, mommies need to make sure “to make time for yourself and rest when your baby rests.”

The first few weeks with a newborn can be rough, but Kristy and her fiance Lloyd understand that road. Their matching up prompted a scandal that the media loved to eat up. Problem was, the media had the timing of events incorrect.

Meeting during the taping of Skating with Celebrities in the fall of 2005, Kristy said she and Lloyd were paired up and became friends. “We taped from August to October (fall 2005) and then the show aired in February (2006).”

During the time between the show being taped and airing, Lloyd returned to Canada and he and his wife separated. “They’d separated before this time, but the way it was reported, it sounded like I’d caused the separation.”

In the spring of 2006, when the show aired, Kristy and Lloyd met back up during the promotion of the show and started seeing each other.

“During the time apart, I realized how much of an impact Lloyd and made in my life,” Kristy says. “So I was happy to see him again.” Since then, they have been inseparable and are planning a wedding for next year.

With a loving partner and one cute baby boy, what else could a woman want?

Maybe her pre-baby figure?

To help with dropping the baby weight and the fifteen pounds she reported she gained after taping Skating with Celebrities, she became a spokeswoman for Medifast. The weight loss regime not only gave her a chance to drop her weight, but steady employment.

“I had the great fortune to get a job during the (writer’s) strike and to keep working a schedule that was flexible with the being a stay-at-home mom.” Kristy explains. “I was very blessed with Medifast and have lost the weight (over 30 pounds) I’d hoped to. They are a fantastic company to work for.” Kristy also incorporates the Medifast program with eating good, nutritious foods and exercising. “The other night we weren’t watching TV. Lloyd had me on the floor doing crunches and push ups. That’s an Olympic Athlete for you.”

So with the career in full swing, a wedding in the next year, her at her ideal weight, and a healthy, happy boy filling her life, sounds like this Hot Mom is one busy (and happy) woman.

To see and read more on Kristy go to kristyswansononline


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