Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly wrote the forward in the Hot Mom’s Handbook: Moms Have More Fun!

Lauren, the ideal mom to start the book, epitomizes a Hot Mom. She has class, confidence and maintains balance and happiness in her life and with family, she is the happily married mother of 3 boys, Azer, George, and Henry.
Along with a long list of movie credits, Lauren returned to television this season on the top rated CBS series “NCIS”, as the NCIS director Jenny Shepard.

Hot Moms Club is excited to present her thoughts on Motherhood to our readers:

“Growing up, adults were always telling me, ‘If only I knew when I was your age what I know now.’ Most of the time when I heard this, my response was one of indifference. Interesting that I now find myself making the same proclamation to those younger than me! There is, however, always the silent thought my admonishment, that I would not smooth out a single bump in my life’s road. All that jostling made me…me.

I became a mom for the first time, at thirty-eight – “older” by many people’s standards, “younger” by other’s. But, I became a mom at the right time for me. I now have three boys. Instinctively I keep them safe, nurture them and prepare them for the future. I am a mom! They remind me constantly that they love me, not just the old definition of what a ‘mother’ is and does.

Azer loves my traditions, he loves the repetition that tradition brings, and I have the comfort of knowing I’ll leave a legacy….I thought mom’s birthday should be exciting too. No I don’t have noisemakers , but I do have two cakes. The second cake is just for fun. The boys strip down and we have a cake fight. The first year this occurred in the dining room, we’ve since moved it outside! Moms birthday has become a tradition we look forward to all year.

George loves beauty. He seems so proud when I dress up and loves to make everything a special occasion. We plan special dinners where we all dress up and wear our “fancy shoes”. Mom and Dad have wine and the boys have Shirley temples.

Henry loves being silly, which is wonderful because I love being silly too! I love to blast the stereo and dance any way I want to. So does he. We often dance until we are sweaty. It doesn’t matter what stresses are going on in my day, crazy dancing melts them all away.

Ultimately, children learn by example. They do what they see. My boys see that I take my job seriously and work very hard, they see that I take care of myself, I eat healthy meals, exercise nd get plenty of sleep, and I am loving and affectionate. I talk about things and listen to what is said. And just because mommy and daddy need “private time”, my boys like their own private time too. And just as mommy makes sure to love herself as well as her sons, my boys’ self-esteem grows and grows as they learn to love themselves as well as others. Take what I know and apply it, no matter what your age. You too can be a Hot Mom!”

On February 25 2008 Lauren Holly hosted Still Thankful Still Giving, with the Hot Moms Club and Sirens Society to promote Adoption Awareness and raise money for the Orphanage Casa Hogar Sion in Mexico. Click here to see photos


Hot Moms Club was founded in 2005 and have had their fingers on the pulse of mom trends ever since. Their philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’

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