Miss Fix-it – How To Do Everything

Miss Fix-it – How To Do Everything

Sandpaper lips. Hot. A body of all-over flakes. Touchable. Frizz hair resembling a high school science project involving a balloon. Sex-ee.

Winter…she is a cruel mistress. Dry sense of humor. Not only does she rob you of slimming clothing options (really, who looks thin in 14 layers of fabric and thick boots?…ok, Kate Hudson…but who else?), but she steals from you every drop of moisture you have.

Here are few quick fix-its for when your pout is pitiful, every day is bad hair day, and your skin…well, let’s just say the Sahara comes to mind.

Dry Lips: Come over here and lay a big wet one on me. Oh, wait. You can’t. Cuz your lips feel like a cat’s tongue. Purr-fect. But not to worry. Mix a little olive oil and sugar together into a thick paste, then rub it onto your lips in gentle circles for a minute (when I don’t feel like making it myself, I use Sara Happ’s. This will loosen dry flakes and hydrate your lips. Your toothbrush also works well for this.  Afterwards, slather on your favorite hydrating lip wax and balm. Another good tip is to wear bright, fun lipstick. You’ll be less likely to lick your lips. Fewer lip licks, not as dry lips.

Dry Hair: Take off your hat. See your hair. Put your hat back on. We’ve all done it. If your après-hat hair is less than desirable (read: standing up from static), grab your hand cream. You know, the one you should be using five times a day for your dry hands. Put a pea size amount in your palms, rub together, then lightly pat them onto your hair. This will help tame the mane from the static nightmare. The same trick works on your hose for an unclingy skirt-hose relationship. Rub cream between your hands, then pat your hands down your tights. (Don’t do this if you’re wearing satin or silk because the lotion will stain the fabric.)

Dry Skin: A problem that begins with how hydrated you are on the inside (check out my Weight of Water post coming soon), dry skin is the biggest issue we face in winter. From indoor heaters to outdoor winds, you don’t stand a chance. So trade in your gel cleanser for a cream one. And exfoliate twice a week, sloughing off flakes before you get into the shower. Head back to the kitchen for sugar and olive oil (is there anything these two can’t do?) and mix into a thick paste. Scrub your dry skin in circular motion, then rinse with a nice warm (note, I didn’t say hot) shower. For a holiday treat, I love philosophy’s gingerbread man scrub.

Ok, so you’re back to being your sexy self. Now if we can just work on those 14 layers.


From editorial director to marketing specialist, copy writer to copy editor, Cheryl Fenton’s finger is no stranger to the pulse of today’s trends and goings-on in the worlds of fitness, fashion, travel, nightlife and beauty. And in 2007, she added motherhood to her ever-growing list of expertise. Maintaining a strong relationship with her first love of magazines, Cheryl now juggles her exciting career and a never-boring life with her daughter Cadence. With bylines in Glamour, Cooking Light, Wallpaper, Women’s Health & Fitness, Ocean and Elegant Wedding, and marketing creations for Global Goddess Beauty, Pur~lisse, Stride Rite and New Balance, her voice is well-known in the beauty, fitness and fashion industries. Her Easy Peasy blog will offer tips, tricks and products to help all moms-on-the-go be beautiful, fashionable, stylish and live life—all in record time. Cheryl is thankful for her laptop, IPhone and naptimes. For more about Cheryl, visit cherylfenton.com.

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