Mom Accused of Child Abuse After Video of Baby Getting Ears Pierced Posted on Facebook

Is it okay to have your baby’s ears pierced? While many have their baby’s ears pierced as early as two months old, others say children should be allowed to have their ears pierced when they are old enough to consent.

Parents are very divided on this topic. The ones who support ear piercing say it’s a cultural norm. But is that a good excuse? Those who oppose say a parent should not to alter a child’s body without their consent. Babies aren’t verbal and can’t make the choice themselves.

Even little girls as young as two getting their ears pierced aren’t quite old enough to understand the body modification they are allowing their parents to perform. Should kids be teenagers before decided on a piercing?

baby getting ears pierce
Credit: Facebook/ Piercings.

At what age should someone have their ears pierced?

Baby Hold Her Breath Before Wailing


baby getting ears pierced
Credit: Facebook/ Piercings.

Earlier this month, a viral photo of a mom who pierced her baby’s dimple caused a huge controversy but it was a set-up to show her view against circumcision.

Now, a video of a baby getting her ears pierced has sparked another debate on Facebook. The short clip shows an adorable baby girl being held by her mother as the piercer prepares to do the piercing.

baby getting ears pierced
Credit: Facebook/ Piercings.

In the beginning, the baby seems comfortable. But you can see that she’s somewhat confused as the salon worker begins to place marker dots on her ears.

Then, two workers place the piercing gun on both ears at the same time. As soon as the guns go off, the baby is so startled by the pain, she loses her breath!

Baby getting ears pierced
Credit: Facebook/ Piercings.

Even as the baby is obviously distressed and still holding her breath for the cry, her mother tries to shove a binkie into her mouth.


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