Mom Dyed Her Two-Year-Old Daughter’s Hair, and the Internet Has Something to Say About it!

I don’t allow my daughter to dye her hair or play with makeup. And it’s not because I’m a prude, it’s just that I want her to be a little girl for as long as possible. Too many kids try to grow up too fast these days and as a parent, I just want to slow the process down. You’re only 9 for so long. I want my kids to learn how to create, draw, paint, play outside in the dirt or pool or run around for hours before worrying about their hair, makeup and appearance.

And while I know that a lot of parents might or might not agree with me, one mother from England is getting a lot of criticism for dying her 2-year-old daughter’s hair hot pink and posting a photo of her on social media. And as you can imagine, the internet has A LOT to say about it.

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Credit: Shutterstock/ Galina Barskaya

Why is this woman getting slammed for dyeing her daughter’s hair?

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