New Lego’s Anti-Lego Slippers Are The Invention That Will Spare All Pain

We all have experienced the pain that can only come from stepping on a Lego. Like OH MY GOD NOBODY HAS EVER FELT SUCH PAIN. Especially for moms and dads it’s inevitable to happen daily, because their kids are bound to leave a Lego or two on the floor for you to step on.


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Whether you’ve got a young family member who has a passion for Legos, or whether you personally use them for design (or for fun!), your feet most likely face very real Lego danger. But the Lego company totally has your back, er, your feet. The company recently let a French advertising agency, Brand Station, create slippers that will protect your feet from Legos as part of a holiday promotion.


The bright yellow-and-red slippers have a crazy amount of padding to protect your toes from even the most vicious of Legos. On top of that, they’re interchangeable — you can wear either slipper on either foot, which is super convenient for when you need to get them on and cross that Lego-infested room NOW.


If these sound like a dream come true (and a much-needed relief for your hurting feet), you’ve got to act fast! According to the French blog Piwee, only 1,500 pairs of these genius slippers were produced, and in order to get them, you’ve got to fill out a Christmas wish list on the Lego France website. So there isn’t a *huge* chance of owning a pair of these babies. . . at least, right now. We’re hoping Lego considers mass-producing them because they’re pretty brilliant.

Check out the video of how the slippers are produced here, and marvel at the awesomeness of it.


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