New Study Highlights Just How Big an Issue Sanctimommies Are for All of Us

Becoming a new mom is an exciting time! Once mom is home with baby and getting used to being a new parent, reality kicks in.

New moms face many challenges as well as rewards, including making decisions about raising their baby. Bottle or breast? Pacifier or thumb? Cloth diapers or store-bought?

Some mothers have a support system that offers encouragement during the challenges of parenting a baby. However, other moms face negativity and second-guessing of their parenting choices from family and friends.

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Most mothers say they have been criticized about their parenting choices most frequently by family

Criticized About Parenting

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The University of Michigan in cooperation with the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health asked a national sample of mothers of children 0-5 years old about their perceptions of being criticized about their parenting.

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Most mothers (61%) say they have been criticized about their parenting choices, most frequently by family – their spouse/child’s other parent (36%), their in-laws (31%), or their own mother or father (37%).

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Luckily however, moms don’t receive as much criticism or judgement for their parenting decisions from friends (14%), other mothers they encounter in public (12%), commenters on social media (7%) – or from their child’s health care provider (8%) or childcare provider (6%).


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