How Old is Too Old to Trick Or Treat?

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I guess when my kids were small I wondered why on Halloween evening I was opening the door to literally teenagers. Aren’t they too old, I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t angry by any means but it did raise the question. Now that I myself have a teenager, I know the answer. To me, there literally is no age limit as long as you follow the rules. I will happily pass out candy to to any and all trick or Treaters  who are dressed up, who are respectful and who say Trick or Treat! Period!

I realize that childhood is short and I LOVED the fact that at the last minute my son, age 14 and 5’11” along with one of his baseball friends (also a giant) decided to be a bunny and a frog. I was concerned that they may get a hard time but as I answered the door to group of 16 year old girls all dressed up and having a blast together, I relaxed and knew the bunny and the frog were doing the right thing!  Heck I even happily handed out candy to grown ups who were also in costume. Let’s face it, Halloween is a fun, light-hearted holiday to be enjoyed by all. But then again, I am also the kind of parent that doesn’t freak out about the sugar in the candy either.


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