Packing Tips for Vacation!

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Hollywood Hot Moms got the scoop on some fun vacations spots and what’s important to pack for these destinations;   & we want to share them with YOU!
 Where Do You Want To Go This Holiday Season?
Planning the ultimate winter vacation? Check out these top 4 winter break spots and make sure you pack all these vacation essentials to ensure a safe and fun holiday season!
Riviera Maya, Mexico
With the sun blazing in this holiday hot spot, get protection for even the most sensitive skin with Obagi Nu Derm Sun Shield SPF 50 ($41.40) which offers protection from UVA and UVB rays and is only 3 oz!
Breckenridge, CO
A quaint little town hidden between the mountains, Breckenridge is a popular getaway for snow bunnies.  Australian Gold Face Guard Stick SPF 50 ($4.50) fits in ski jacket pockets and offers the ultimate protection for the blistering, reflecting sun.
Puerto Rico
With white sand beaches, tropical birds, amazing cocktails, and no passport necessary, it’s no wonder why Puerto Rico is becoming such a national treasure! Australian Gold Sheer Cover SPF 30 Lotion ($10.99) is a great choice to pack to prevent against burn. It won’t wear off with its very water resistant formula, so hop in a kayak or snorkel the reefs!
San Diego, CA
With an eclectic mix of food, music, art, and that California sun, San Diego is great alternative getaway this winter season. Obagi CLENZIderm Therapeutic Moisturizer ($30.60) is the perfect option to pack at only 1.7 fl oz! Using 1% Dimethicone for a breathable barrier that protects skin from the elements and 20% Glycerin to further hydrate, it’s the perfect all weather moisturizer.


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