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Written by: Trend reporter Amy Tara Koch. Amy writes about everything from mascara to Miami. Her first book BUMP IT UP: TRANFORMING YOUR PREGNANCY INTO THE ULTIMATE STYLE STATEMENT (Ballantine) hit book shelves March 23

Under eye bags and dry, blotchy skin hindering your inner radiance from shining forth? You could head over to Saks and eradicate the problems with pricey lotions and potions. Or, you could skedaddle right into your kitchen and pamper yourself with ingredients gleaned from your pantry. As an editor, Amy Tara Koch, I have spent years test driving the latest and greatest skin care products. What I’ve discovered is that my favorite products are derived from the natural foods in my kitchen. That’s right. A trip to the supermarket yields nutrients for your body and your face. With the right mélange of all natural ingredients-yogurt, oatmeal, lemon, green tea, bananas- you can exfoliate, brighten, tighten and hydrate your skin.

  • YOGURT: Slather plain yogurt on your face and the natural lactic acid will cleanse pores, dissolve dead skin cells and soften skin. You can combine it with honey for dry skin or lemon juice for oily skin.
  • SUGAR: Exfoliate dry, flaky lips with sugar granules mixed with olive oil
  • EGG WHITES: Whisk them and use to temporarily tighten and brighten the face
  • A MASK Of BANANAS, HONEY & SOUR CREAM: Mix together for a fantastic exfoliating mask. Banana pulp soothes, honey moistens and sour cream is a thick, natural lactic acid
  • HONEY: A natural humectant that moistens the face (and lips) as well as a rich night cream.
  • CUCUMBER: grind a quarter of a cool cucumber, compress into a paper towel to soothe and depuff under eye area. Cucumber is high in magnesium and ascorbic acids which prevent water retention and relieve swelling
  • GREEN TEA: Steep tea bags, let them cool and press on the eyes. The polyphenols, tannins and caffeine depuff the eye
  • OLIVE OIL: Put a capful in tub to moisturize the body, put on dry cuticles, put in hair for an hour before shampooing. The linoleic acid in this oil prevents water from evaporating so it helps retain moisture
  • OATMEAL-The perfect exfoliant, oatmeal’s grainy texture and wealth of proteins and lubricating fats naturally remove dirt and oil from pores. Polysaccharides leave a protective film on skin which prevents flakiness. You can make a mask with raw oats and water or yogurt to exfoliate and moisturize.
  • ICE-decreases under eye bags and swelling by narrowing blood vessels
  • LEMONS: Rub over the face to clarify pores and lighten and brighten the skin

Trend reporter Amy Tara Koch writes about everything from mascara to Miami. Her first book BUMP IT UP: TRANFORMING YOUR PREGNANCY INTO THE ULTIMATE STYLE STATEMENT (Ballantine) hits shelves March 23

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