Parents Left Completely Baffled and Angry After Their Non-Verbal Boy Was Left on School Bus Alone

On the first day or even the first week of school, parents have back-to-school jitters, just like their kids.

We worry about whether our kids will make friends, like their teachers, and if they’ll sit beside someone on the school bus.

You hear many stories of kids being bothered or bullied on a school bus, and even other scarier stories like your child missing the bus, or being left on the bus.

A 7-year-old student with special needs got on his school bus one morning on the second week of school. Nathan Stewart is a second grader at Valley Elementary in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania. His family said he is nonverbal, which made them more nervous about him riding the bus to school.

school bus
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But do you ever think it could happen to your child?


Maria Lianos Carbone

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