Parents & Their Kids’ Online Identities

The term “guardian” is well suited when you think of the need to guard our child’s identity. Not from theft, but from establishment. By this constant sharing many parents are actually establishing a permanent “online identity” for their kids without their knowledge or consent. This is a permanent social presence that our kids will carry for their entire life.

Source: Hot Moms Club

Source: Hot Moms Club

I hear many parents say “Our life is an open book,” and “I have no problem sharing with everyone.” But


1. It is very likely your past adolescent life was not shared online and I am willing to bet there are things

you are glad are in your past.

2. It is great if you as adult wish to share your life with everyone, but please think twice before making

that decision for your children.

Personally I think we should let our children make the choice of with whom they want to share their lives and both past and present experiences. We have a responsibility to ensure that they are mature enough to make those decisions on their own before turning them loose on the Internet and a social media account. There is a huge difference between the family photo album on the coffee table and sharing these events permanently online with people we barely know. Guarding our kids’ identities is more than making sure no one steals it. It mean letting our kids grow up and have life experiences without having to deal with the pressure of living in a glass house where everything both past and present is shared with the world online.



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