Pink Hasn’t Lost Any Baby Weight Six Weeks Postpartum Because She’s ‘Normal’

It’s always bothered me how a lot of celebrity moms flaunt their post-pregnancy weight loss on social media. Sharing photos of themselves back at the gym just weeks after bringing their baby into the world or flaunting their bikini body days later probably makes them feel better about themselves, but it doesn’t do a whole lot for the rest of us.

In fact, it’s often quite discouraging to see those sort of pictures, because it just isn’t normal to drop baby weight that fast, and it truly shouldn’t be a priority in a new mom’s life.

When it comes to celebrities, Pink is truly one of the most real moms around and she always has a healthy message to share with her fans.

Pink and Her Kids
Credit:: Instagram / @pink

The singer shared a really awesome post on regarding baby weight, proving once again that she is every mom’s role model.

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