By: Jamie Yasko-Mangum

The cool, crisp air touches your skin and gives you goose bumps. You grab your sweater to throw on and ah, goose bumps disappear and a warm, comfortable feeling engulfs you. Oh how good that feels! So why not feel great and look appealing on the outside too!

Sweaters come in all different styles, colors, patterns, textures, and blended and natural fabrics. When you choose your sweaters to wear this fall/winter season, while looking for comfort and warmth, do not forget the appeal!

Whether you throw on a sweater cardigan to run errands or quill the chills at work, wear a sweater with an outfit for a school function or girl’s or date night, there are many beautiful sweaters to choose from so you can look your savvy best!

A sweater cardigan’s main purpose is usually to keep warm and many times these cardigans are without flavor. However, current day cardigans are chic, modern, and attractive. The more modern cardigans have shawl collars that converge to a top button or an empire waist design. The conventional cardigan is still present but with more savviness, from the cable texture to unique buttons. Put character in your cardigans.

The everyday sweater does not have to everyday. From the sweater you pull over your head to the holiday themed sweater and on to the sweater dress; these three types of sweater styles are very popular this fall/winter season. Because the holidays are right around the corner, let’s start with holiday themed sweater. While there are those themed bulky sweaters, it is time for you to discover the stylish themed sweaters. They have a slender cut, inlay theme and vivid color. These holiday themed sweaters continue to give you the festive look with the bulk.

A pull over sweater is a woman’s ally in the cool and cold months. Some hot sweaters this year come in textures, cuts and designs! A modern argyle V-neck is back in step and looks divine with jeans and or pants. Maybe your choice would be a dolman sleeve cashmere sweater or a medallion print crew neck sweater. You might even want to look at a V-neck solid sweater with pointed collar shirt or an embellishment trim line sweater. There are so many dynamic sweaters this season it is hard to pick one or two!

The sweater dress was a popular choice in the 80’s but has made a reemergence in the modern day with a sassy new look. You can wear a sweater dress with tights or combine with leggings (yes, I said leggings). This season you have the mod sweater dress, belted turtleneck sweater dress, or the baby doll sweater dress; there are many more styles that look great! Make sure you have at least one in your closet.

While warmth is your main goal this chilly season, you do not have to forgo stylish appeal.

The sweaters are from the Carilyn Vaile collection

Jamie Yasko-Mangum is a certified self-image consultant and president of Successful Style & Image, Inc. a personal, corporate and academia image building company. She is the published author of Look, Speak & Behave: For Women and Look, Speak & Behave For Men; available in bookstores and online. Jamie is a well-known speaker locally and nationally in her comprehensive expertise on self-image, corporate and academia professionalism. You can reach her at Toll Free 1-866-971-7152 or by e-mail [email protected]

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