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Carb Friendly Recipes

Carb Friendly Recipes By: Beth Aldrich It’s crazy how many diets “claim” that carbohydrates are…


Tips to Be A Better Mom

Tips to Be A Better Mom By: Beth Aldrich Being a mother is very rewarding,…


Flat Belly Needed? Fiber Up!

How To Get A Flat Belly? Fiber Up! You want a flatter belly this swimsuit…


Easy Blueberry Muffins (Recipe)

Every green mom knows that buying local produce is best-for your body and your community. Yesterday I purchased some huge organic blueberries from the market and I have to tell you, I felt like I was eating candy for breakfast this morning. I told my sons, “Back in the “olden days” these blue “babies” were like candy! You should try them.” Before I knew it, they were playing catch with large blueberries, popping them in their mouths, like “goals” at a hockey game!


Green Power Smoothie (Recipe)

I love smoothies! They are the perfect way to add so many nutrients to your day. Being a Green Mom has it’s perks, especially when it comes to eating good for the planet. You get to eat plenty of greens every day and in a very tasty way! Here’s a quick video of a super protein green smoothie that you can make RIGHT NOW!


Tall, Green and Handsome

What’s tall, white, red or yellow and has a thick fanlike leaves and a crunchy stalk? I’ll give you a hint the leaves and stalk of this nutritious powerhouse are edible. Give up? It’s Swiss chard! This under-rated soaring beauty is one to consider when you want to power pack any meal.


Natural Sweeteners for a Greener Planet

Cakes, cookies and candy—we’ve all probably eaten heaps of these over the years; it’s no wonder that millions of diet books are sold each year. What baffles me is when people say, “I have to cut back on fat.” This is reasonable, depending on the type of fat you’re cutting back on (yes, there is “good fat”), however very few people ever mention sugar: That white, processed friend that puts you in a spin…that powdery stuff that is never enough.



IN THE RAW By: Beth Aldrich Feeling tired and out of energy, I had to…


Simple Water

I love water! It’s so refreshing and nourishing. Many of my friends start their day with a mocha latte, but not me. Ever since I was in college, all I needed to keep moving was a huge bottle of fresh, pure water. I know, I’m not the norm, but if you just trust me, and start “crowding out” your other morning beverages with a fresh glass of water, you’d be surprised at the changes your body will experience.


Our philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom, unless you are the best YOU’.

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