Target Is Now Offering A Gender Neutral Home Decor Line For Kids And It’s Awesome


The home decor line for kids, while not entirely devoid of traditional gender color schemes, does not declare its bedding to be for girls or for boys. It features patterns and designs such as astronauts, whales, stripes, and dinosaurs.

Target’s website is currently showcasing a preview of the line. (Some of the room models, like “Sprinkle Suite,” “Floral Field,” do look traditionally ‘female,’ but the retailer isn’t heavy handed about it.  Designs with names like “Discovery Den,” “Ocean Oasis” and “Camp Kiddo” prove that the retailer isn’t selling to genders, just kids.)

Pretty awesome, right? So in other words, you don’t have to worry about decorating your daughter’s room with pink fairies or making your son’s room a den for cars and airplanes. This way your children can choose what they want to see with a better variety themes to choose from. And as a parent to two small children, I love the idea.

Check out some of the new décor ideas below, including “Ocean Oasis,” “Explorer’s Escape” and “Camp Kiddo” and let us know what you think.





Source via Business Insider

Photos via Target

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