The Best Grilling Tips for Summer BBQ by Adam Taki

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Warm Up Your Meat! Take the steak out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature about a half hour to an hour before you cook it. Skip this step and the outcome will disappoint.

Build a Two-Zone Fire: You want a hot side to sear the meat and a not-so-hot side to finish the cooking. If you’ve got a gas grill, that’s easy: Keep one burner on low while the others go full blast. If you’re cooking over coals, use your tongs to build a ramp of embers climbing up to one side of the grill to create high-low control.

Feel the Heat: How do you know when the coals are ready? Once the flames have died down and the coals are glowing orange, use the 2-2 rule: Put your hand two inches above the hottest part of the coals. If you can hold it there for two seconds–no more, no less–you’re good to grill

Control Flare Ups: Dripping fat + hot coals = scorched, carcinogenic steak. Don’t use a spray bottle of water to douse the flames; you’ll kick up ash. And putting the lid on the grill won’t smother the fire fast enough. To get that rib eye out of harm’s way, gently slide it to a flare-free area with tongs until the fire subsides. (If you throw the meat around, you’ll shake out more fat and start another fire.)

End the Guessing: A temperature of 130 degrees means medium-rare. Instant-read thermometers guarantee you’ll get it right. Make sure you have one!

Let the Meat Rest: Ten minutes of calm does wonders for a steak. Fibers relax. Juices spread. Colors are re-calibrated and flavors retained. Remember: Patience is a virtue. You’ve come this far; do not squander porterhouse perfection.


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