The Changing Ways of Marriage….

First, Mexico contemplating the 2 year marriage, yes, you would be able to have a marriage that would let you out after two years without a divorce. You would arrange for custody and asset splits before marriage and you could essentially “try it out” for two years.  Wow, that sounds like………well, stupid! The entire point of marriage is forever, not until you feel like walking away. What are the vows going to say? “Do you take so and so to be your lawful wedded wife until let’s say two years from now? Hell, who wouldn’t say yes? Why not, not much of a commitment at all. Here’s what should happen instead…..How about a two year trial of being together BEFORE marriage. It would insure people don’t jump in too quickly and if you need to add living together into the trial, by all means. That makes way more sense to me and let’s just bring up the fact that people who get married usually have kids. What a horrible law to have if children are involved. It’s a great way to ensure a lot of broken families. Their already are broken families you say, yes there are but imagine how many more there would be if people just decided to get married without much of a commitment in the first place. Marriage isn’t easy nor is it for the faint of heart, but it is a commitment and for me, is something to make work through thick and thin, not until times up. Divorce, yes, but that makes people think twice or three times and just maybe will force putting some work into it before giving up.

Second, there is a study done that 50% of all adults are not married as to 50 years ago the number was 30%. People are saying that they prefer to stay single. Women especially are choosing careers over marriage. I get it and commend them. My only concern is if you do want children, don’t forgo family. There is no job more meaningful and fulfilling then the love of your family. If children are not what you desire, then full steam ahead, but if children are in your cards, maybe you should not be so shut off to finding a partner and starting your other career of being a mom and wife. The problem arises when the women’s time clock runs out. Unfortunately, women “expire” when men really don’t. So we can only put off having a family for so long.  It is to a lot of us, not always overrated and something that I find to be the most fulfilling!

Finally, for some, yes the ways of marriage changing with our times is fitting better into our lives, but for others, don’t discount the greatness of the traditional marriage.  I love the idea of marriage, the love for life, the kids, the long term family, the security and growing old with someone that you have shared your most memorable moments with.  I choose, “till death do you part”

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