This 56 Year Old Swimsuit Model Just Showed You That You Can Be A Hot Mom At Any Age


Plus sized model Ashley Graham made history last week too when it was announced that she would grace the cover of this year’s swimsuit issue, showing that SI really is embracing their ‘Swimsuits For All’ campaign.


Nicola told Cosmo that this campaign has helped her feel sexier than ever before, and credits a lot of that confidence to her age.

“I’ve gotten comfortable in my own skin, which I wasn’t when I was younger. There’s something about being content and happy with yourself that gives you this inner feeling of being sexy. It’s not something that I felt when I was young, I must say, but I think it must be something that comes from contentment and being happy with yourself.”

Nicola explains that it was around the time when she turned 50 that she began to feel that contentment explaining ‘In my 40s and 30s and 20s, it was a mad dash to achieve and compete. In my 50s, it’s just enjoying the now.’


Behind the scenes shot of the girls and I at Good Morning America A photo posted by Nicola Griffin (@nicolajgriffin) on


The mature model says that response to her Swimsuit Issue picture has been all positive, saying ‘When Robin Roberts interviewed me on Good Morning America, she said, “I’m 55, and this is for women of our age.” She was very passionate about that.’

I love to see that Sports Illustrated is finally realizing that women can be sexy at any age and size. Sure, they’re still offering the typical ‘swimsuit model’ types in their issue, but including women like Ashley and Nicola and model Philomena Kwao shows that sexy knows no age or size.

Sexy knows no age, shape or size @swimsuitsforall #SwimSexy @theashleygraham @philomenakwao

A photo posted by Nicola Griffin (@nicolajgriffin) on

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