This Baby’s Sleepy Pics With Santa Are The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

It’s always a bit stressful taking your kids to visit Santa, isn’t it? You hope the line isn’t too long so they don’t get impatient waiting, you hope they won’t be scared of Santa when they finally get their turn to sit on the big guy’s knee, and most of all you hope that Santa is in a good mood and will be extremely patient with your nervous/scared/excited/sleepy child.

Baby’s first Santa picture is always super special, so after Donnie Walters son Zeke fell asleep while waiting in line to meet Santa, he was worried that he wouldn’t be getting the ideal picture he’d hoped for. Donnie even told The Huffington Post. “We thought about leaving the line and coming back later when he’s awake”. But then Santa told them not to worry, telling Donnie’s wife  “He said, keep him asleep, so she did and he sat in the chair and told her where to lay him.”

The pictures that Donnie and his wife ended up getting were nothing short of magical. Donnie posted the pictures of little Zeke’s first Santa pictures to his facebook page ‘Donnie’s Daddy Daycare‘ that showed Santa, laying down and pretending to be asleep, with little Zeke nestled in under his arms and a copy of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ opened against Santa’s belly.





Santa is clearly a pro at taking pictures with sleep babies and it shows, even taking one shot with his finger to his mouth, making the ‘shhhh’ gesture.




Not only are these super cute pictures for the parents, but little Zeke will love these when he gets older too! Not too many kids get to have pictures of themselves taking a nap with Santa after reading the ultimate Christmas bedtime story!





The photos have since been picked up by other social media sites and have been viewed more than 22 million times, with Donnie’s facebook post receiving over 350,000 likes almost 200,00 shares! I’m not surprised, these might be the cutest Santa pictures I’ve ever seen!



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