Vegan is Love??????

Ruby Roth’s new book, “Vegan Is Love” seems to represent more judgement then love. She is a 29 year old woman who is a STEP mother to a 9 year old girl. ( I wonder what her Mother has to say about all this) I have to say, I found this book to be disturbing. First, just the topics that it tackles makes me question the age range this book is intended for. Talking about animal testing, the killing of the animals including hunting and farm caged animals along with graphic pictures, for me is a subject that yes, should be discussed but when children are old enough to understand and not be fear mongered into being a vegan! Look, this is a topic that is controversial as an adult, but to use fear and disturbing pictures to sway extremely young children is just wrong!

Now for the health scare, unless you REALLY know how to substitute all the nutrients that children NEED to strive as their little bodies grow, I think this can also be dangerous. Children need the basics like calcium, protein, vitamin D. These are all nutrients that we find in our basic milk, cheese and meats that’s vegan’s won’t touch with a 10 foot pole. I honestly believe veganism and vegetarianism should be a decision that each individual makes on their own as an ADULT! Hey, I don’t bash anyone who is, I actually condone it if it’s right for you,but please do NOT judge others who strive on a diet that does include meat and cheese. I, at one point in my life decided I would become a vegetarian. It lasted about a month until I got very sick and realized this was not a diet for me and my body. I never felt worse in my life.

The real issue for most of us is the humane treatment of animals while they are alive until they are killed. Yes, even in the wild, animals are killed for food. The difference is that they are allowed to roam and be the animals they were intended to be before their death. This to me, and I think most of us, is the biggest issue. This is what I assume the author means by LOVE. If she is implying that I don’t love animals, she couldn’t be more wrong. I am heavily involved in charities ALL focused on animals including the humane treatment of farm animals! This is the most insulting thing you can say to a person who actually eats meat. So I guess all meat eaters don’t have love for animals, wrong, wrong, wrong and how insulting!

I personally think a nice balance including protein, vegetables, fruits and carbs is the key to staying healthy. Heck, I am also a big believer in having some sweet treats….I know CRAZY right? I also found it very disturbing that the 9 year old step-daughter of the author felt so bad when given a lolly-pop at school that she gave it away!!! She was concerned it wasn’t Vegan! COME ON, A LOLLY POP??? Kids need to be kids……period! This entire book is entirely too much too soon!




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