What’s Your Biggest Body Gripe?


What’s Your Biggest Body Gripe?

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What’s your biggest body gripe?

A. Cellulite — it’s everywhere!

B. I wish my belly were flatter

C. My butt is flat and saggy

Your Diagnosis:

Fitness and wellness expert David Kirsch, whose clients include Heidi Klum, Kerry Washington and Kate Upton, shows you how to banish bothersome trouble spots — or at least make them look better.

A. Cellulite — it’s everywhere!

When fat beneath the skin pushes through crisscrossing bands of connective tissue, the result is not-so-cute dimples. Toning your muscles tightens the area and reduces fat so cellulite is less visible. Target dimpled skin with strength training exercises for those spots at least three times a week along with aerobic activity to shed fat. (Eating a healthy diet helps, too.) Antioxidant-rich green tea helps speed up your metabolism, helping your body process and remove toxins faster which makes cellulite less visible in the long- and short-term. Lastly, whether you do it yourself or make an appointment, giving cellulite-covered areas a vigorous, daily massage, in addition to working out, will help you see smoother skin.

B. I wish my belly were flatter

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