Why This One Dad Is Giving His Teenagers Permission To Have Sex At Home!

Sex – it’s one of those subjects that most of us parents dread having to talk to our kids about, right? I mean, we know we have to do it, but it’s just such an important topic and you want to get it right when you’re talking to your kids that they come to you with their questions and concerns. I have a teenager now and we’ve already started having discussions about sex and I’d like to think that I’ve been open enough with my teen that she feels comfortable enough to talk to me if she has questions.

Well, one Reddit user by the name of  t-away-man recently posted the advice he gave to his kids and it’s definitely interesting. Here’s what he writes;

I am a father of a boy(13) and a girl(15). I told them that it was alright for them to be sexually active as soon as they were “ready”. I then went on the say what “ready” means:

1) mature enough to be open about it.. no sneaking around.. if they’re not mature enough to talk to me or their Mom about it, they’re not ready.

2) Mature enough to wait until they develop full trust in their partners… start slow and work your way from holding hands and talking to kissing, touching etc. That gives you time to really know your partner, develop trust and a measure of real affection not just infatuation and lust (don’t get me wrong.. I’m not putting down lust… it’s just not the best emotion for life decisions).

3) Mature enough to understand the need for and to use condoms.

4) I also told them not to have sex in creepy places like school stairwells or behind the gym. They have perfectly good bedrooms with doors that lock and their friends will be welcome to stay for breakfast.

So am i being too liberal, unrealistically conservative or “just right”?

Honestly, I have to admit that I like this. While I’m not sure I can handle my teens having sex in my house I think I’d rather that I know they were being safe. I do think we need to stress with our teens that sex is a huge responsibility and that safety needs to be the number one issue, and I love that this dad is having open and candid conversations with his kids because then his kids will feel more comfortable coming to him with questions.

What do you think about this advice, Hot Moms?



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