WIN IT! It’s a wrap For Jessica Alba and Halle Berry

Jessica Alba wearing a Donni Charm Scarf
Jessica Alba wrapped in Donni Angel Scarf. Photo Courtesy of Donni Charm
Halle Berry wearing a Donni Charm Scarf
Halle Berry wearing the Donni Charm Scarf. Photo Courtesy of Donni Charm

This Contest is Closed WIN IT! What is your must have accessory?  Leave a message on Facebook and below.  Extra Bonus to tweet us too! and  Choose which Donni Charm Scarf or Donni Angel Scarf $95 value.  Contest Begins June 6th @9:00 AM ends June 13th @11:00 PM PST.  Winner will be chosen by comments and then receive bonus points for twitter entries. Winner will be announced on FB June 14th 2011 at 9:00 PM PST.   Spotted! Jessica Alba wrapped in the Donni Angel Scarf and Halle Berry wearing the Donni Charm Scarf from the classic collection. What I love about these cotton jersey scarves is that they are perfect for spring and costs under $100! Now you can look effortlessly cool like Jessica and Halle without spending a fortune.   2 more of my favorite scarves from Donni Charm: 1. Donni Air, ($95) 2. Donni forever, ($95)


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