WINIIT! Pretty Push Pop Cupcakes

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WINIT!  CupKATE’S Event Design Push Pop Containers $20 value! How to enter? Tell us what your favorite mix of cupcakes and frosting would be! For a bonus Like us, and Tweet us !! Plus “Like” CupKATES too!  If you are already a fan of HHM or CUPKATES send a friend over to say they sent you! for your extra point. You will have 1 plus 3 extra bonus points.  Contest Begins on August 2 and ends August 15th 11:00 PM. Winner will be chosen by
Cupcakes are cute, mini cupcakes are cuter and loved by the littlest celebrity kids like Violet Affleck  and push pop mini cupcakes – they take the cake (and put it in a super cute push pop container!).    Push pop cupcakes are so cute, that Tori Spelling served them at her daughter Stella’s second birthday party.
These oh so so sweet push pop treats can easily be created at home.   Start by ordering your push pop containers from CupKate’s Event Design.   Next whip up your favorite mini cupcakes (store bought ones would work as well).   It’s always fun to add some colorful sprinkles into your cupcakes to create your own funfetti cupcakes.



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150 thoughts on “WINIIT! Pretty Push Pop Cupcakes”

  1. These are the cutest things I have ever seen! I am all about chocolate – but lately I had a smores cupcake that was to die for – devils food cupcake, marshmallow frosting, lightly toasted on top, crushed graham crackers around the edge and a piece of hershy bar on top! So Yummy!!!!

  2. I love chocolate cake with chocolate icing. But I recently tried a salted caramel cupcake that was sooooo good!! But you really can’t go wrong with any combo 🙂

  3. These are so adorable! I have never heard of them, but know my 3 would LOVE them!! We love funfetti cake mix with funfetti icing.

  4. Just adorable! I love a basic vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting and sprinkles! A classic.

  5. Chocolate, vanilla and peanut butter w/vanilla frosting sound pretty delicious to me! These push pops are super cute.

  6. My fave cupcake, red devil food with cream cheese frosting!!!! These would look great with the red and white, add some blue star sprinkles and you have a perfect July 4th treat!

  7. Our favorite would be key Lime cake with keylime whipped cream frosting. Topped with a sugared lime wedge.. Yummu yummy

  8. These are cute, never seen them before. My favorite would be anothing with strawberry and sprinkles.

  9. I’ve seen these push pops on a few blogs and love them. I would make vanilla cup cakes with chocolate cream.. yum!

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  11. I think German chocolate and coconut pecan icing would be awesome….would look great with the pushpops presented in a coffee cup! Grown up yummies!

  12. Oh those are the SWEETEST things! I’m normally a white cake/chocolate frosting kind of gal but lately I’ve been really into chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes with whipped cream frosting!

  13. Those containers are adorable! My favorite combination would be peanut butter and chocolate…I don’t care which is cake and which is icing!

  14. My favorite mix of cupcakes and frosting is a banana cupcake with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream….heavenly!!

  15. I love chocolate cake with any kind of frosting! Or carrot cake with cream cheese or buttercream!

  16. Would love to try these! Favourite combination … hmmmm that’s hard! Right now it would have to be vanilla cupcake with strawberry buttercream.

  17. I’m totally a plain ol’ vanilla cake vanilla frosting kind of girl with orange sprinkles! I like you and CupKATES too!

  18. I’m planning the1st Circus Birthday of my baby. We living in Oklahoma and the weather is too hot outside. I love the idea bring those Push Pop Cupcakes for his bday!!!! I love so much this idea! I like CupKates on Facebook!

  19. I love these!! I want to try and make strawberry shortcake. Pound cake pieces, strawberries, and whip cream. Yum!! But my favorite cake and frosting would be devils food chocolate, with chocolate frosting!

  20. I want fill up with Red Velvet Cake & Cream Cheese Frosting with multi colors sprinkles!!!! Yummy.

  21. Mine’s an oldie but goodie, fav has to by German chocolate and pecan frosting both made from scratch

  22. I am a HUGE fan of all things chocolate, whether it be milk, dark, or white 🙂 So besides a simple combination of chocolate-chocolate cupcakes, my other favorite would have to be a banana’s foster cupcake with banana cake, burnt sugar buttercream, and chocolate drizzle.

  23. While most every type of cupcake is yummy, I think my favorite would be chocolate with chocolate icing.

  24. I think Chocolate with Cream Cheese and Marshmallow frosting sounds deliciously wonderful!! These are absolutely adorable. And I can’t wait to make them myself (:

  25. I love these! so adorable. They remind me of the push pop ice cream i would chow down as a kid. hmmmm…maybe i could use them to make ice cream cupcake push pops??? 🙂 i feel an idea coming on!! My favorite cupcake and frosting flavor would have to be devils food with the Carmel coconut walnut frosting. talk about deeeeee-lish!

  26. I would love to try a raspberry cupcake with dark chocolate frosting! But one that I have tried, my favorite is vanilla bean cupcake with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.

  27. Our family favorite is a s’mores cupcake – graham cracker crust, double chocolate cupcake with marshmallow filling; topped with marshmallow meringue. I like to “toast” them with a mini cooking torch. Delicious,

  28. Num! I haven’t had the chance to try cupcake pops yet, but am eager for the chance! I’d love to make a white cupcake with strawberry frosting. Mmmm!

  29. Strawberry cupcake and my favorite buttercream icing. Simple, but my favorite. I’ve been wanting to try cupcake pops for a while!

  30. my favorite combo would be choc cherry cupcakes with white buttercream and choco sprinkles!

  31. My fav combo? OMG, a decadent chocolate cake with (surprisingly) Duncan Hines Fluffy White frosting. It’s so good. If it weren’t so hot, I’d considering making some now.

  32. I love these! My favorite flavor combo would be strawberry cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting!

  33. Besides my favorite of chocolate with vanilla frosting, another combo that would look great is a carrot cake- layer of cake, add some chopped nuts, a layer of cream cheese frosting… Yum!

  34. It’s so hot in AZ that we need something lite for summer birthdays – how about angel food cake with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting – yum!

  35. Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting! YUM!!!!

    Lemon cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting would be a close second!

  36. I would choose the combo of reallllllllly lemony lemon cake with a frosting made of the perfect buttercream swirled with raspberry preserves. Wouldn’t that be the perfect summer cupcake?

  37. Tiramisu –with vanilla, coffee and cinnamon. Is it wrong to use grown up flavors for such a fun application?

  38. These are adorable. I am thinking of Carrot Cake with Cream cheese Frosting, tinted orange. I think that would be beautiful and Yummy in the push up pops containers. I have never seen anything like this before so I am trying to think of what event is coming up next on my calendar that I would be able to share these with my friends. They will love them!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  39. When I’m making cupcakes from a boxed mix, my very favorite is Cherry Chip cake (made with butter, not oil) with fudge frosting. I actually have this on my counter right now, waiting for my 6 month old to give me a break so I can make them. YUM!

  40. I am a Facebook liker/ lover fan 🙂
    I’d love to win and I am thinking of key lime cup cake pops with cream cheese and marshmallow. Frosting , yummmo

  41. Rainbow! With rainbow sprinkles. How cute. Or- chocolate with light blue buttercream between the layers. Love these! Either way, I’m getting some!

  42. I’m a big fan of red velvet cake, homemade, with a delicious homemade cream cheese frosting. But I can be persuaded to try almost any kind of cupcake, actually.

  43. I have been dying to try these, loved them when I first seen them and read about them, they are adorable, would love to win these pushup pop containers, they are beautiful, and handy for little ones, and are a beautiful decoration for any party. [email protected]

  44. My favorite cupcakes are chocolate with a peanut butter cup in it and with peanut butter icing on it! :0)

  45. i’ve recently become hooked on everything coffee, so… coffee cupcake + chocolate icing. yum!

  46. I recently had the most amazing blood orange cupcake with cream cheese frosting! Loved that combination!

  47. My favorite combo is chocolate with chocolate frosting and colorful jimmies on top :). These containers are just too cute!

  48. Chocolate and chocolate frosting is always a classic. I tried a chocolate with peanut butter frosting once and that was amazing too.

  49. i would love a NY Cheesecake flavored cupcake and a blueberry frosting, super thick with real blueberries mixed in! would be SOOOOO GOOD!!!

  50. This may sound a little crazy but my favorite flavor combo is Bubble Gum Cake with Cotton Candy! I even mix lip gloss flavors when I can’t get my hands on 1!

  51. The Push Pop Cupcakes are adorable. My favorite flavor cake is Hummingbird with Vanilla Buttercream Icing! YUM!!

  52. My favorite mix would be dark chocolate cupcake with salty caramel frosting, sounds yummy x

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