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WINIT! Your family can win 2 cd’s one for each child! How to win? Tell us what your favorite song to sing in the car is! AND LIKE us on FB and LIKE Name your Tune too! For Extra Points! Contest Begins Tuesday, August, 16th and Ends Monday August, 30th @11:00 PM PST.
With families preparing for road-trips this summer season, they’ll be looking to make their time in the car more fun (and dare we suggest, more bearable).  Name Your Tune personalized CD’s for kids offer a fun, easy and creative, way to keeps kids entertained.  Instead of questions from the backseat like “are we there yet?”, they’re going to be asking “can I hear my songs again?”  Name Your Tune even offers having multiple names on one cd, so that the kid don’t have to argue about which cd to play; one cd can entertain all of the siblings!  Celeb parents have already attested to the fun they’re having in the car with their Name Your Tune CDs.  Carnie Wilson, Penelope Ann Miller, Jason Priestley, and Tim Allen are fans! Name Your Tune is a fun and fresh music compilation with two volumes that is made-to-order and personalized for each child.  The child’s name is sung more than 80 times and is the feature part of every song making it instant sing-along, feel-good hit. 
The tunes are familiar and much-loved classics that the entire family can enjoy together during this summer travel season!  Everyone can sing along with the songs that are old and new all at the same time – classics like “Old MacDonald Had A Farm E-I-E-I-O” become “Little Hannah Had A Farm E-I-E-I-O.”  Volume 2 includes Five Little Monkeys, Skinamarink, Mr. Sun and the ABCs. You option to purchase 1 cd for $20 or 2 cds for $36.


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