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WINIT! We are giving away a XBOX KINNECT 4GB $300 Value! All you have to do is follow the directions in the Contest Below! Make Sure you  leave a comment on the site!!! And Enter Rraffelcopter NOW!





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384 thoughts on “WINIT! XBOX KINNECT $300 Value”

  1. i think any of my three boys oh wait make that four including my husband would love this. I’d rather them up and moving while they are gaming.

  2. 🙂 This would be awesome I would be able to work out right at home, while staying home with my son !!!!!!!!!! & I really need to loose this baby weight.

  3. This would be an awesome gift to win for the family, we would gladly take this off your hands so w60e can enjoy family time with a new xbox 360 🙂

  4. My daughter. She’s the oldest and always gets the short end of the stick. She;d freak if I got her something that was just for her!

  5. My sons would love to have this and I love that its a video game that gets you off your butt! 😉

  6. My ENTIRE family would LOVE it!!! We’ve all been wanting one for various reasons but it just simply hasn’t been “doable” financially so far unfortunately! :~( I’m sure we’d all be thrilled beyond belief if I was lucky enough to win one!

  7. I think my daughter and I would enjoy it the most because we could just use our bodies to move. She’s 4 so she does that anyway with or without controller. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. I am sure both my whole family would enjoy it. But my son and daughter would be over the moon if we won!

  9. I have 6 kids – well, 7 if you include my husband… oldest has Autism and he’s GREAT at video games. I just can’t afford one and the kids would go BANANAS if we won!

  10. Wow this will be a great birthday gift for my son who works hard in school, he deserves it!!! I think it’s a great Idea to keep us concerned parents updated about situations like this!

  11. my kidz and brothers would freak if they won i cant really afford one but they would love it if we won

  12. My kids would love me forever if I win this for them. Thx for running this contest.

  13. I would love to win this XBox for my granson, since he is doing so well in school.

  14. All of us would flip out if we won I hope we do my son has been depresed lately because his little girlfriend dumped him this would cheer him righ up 🙂

  15. My 2 boys & hubby!! 🙂 It will keep them busy so I can have a “me” moment 🙂 Win Win For All! 🙂

  16. I hear so much about how WV is the most obese state. I have done my part to make that true, and I would like to win this Xbox so I can help my family get in shape and start living a healthy lifestyle.

  17. I would like to win this for my mum and dad after dealing with me all day they deserve it

  18. my little brother and my cousin will love it and when i give them their gift they will crazy…xD

  19. My family has never had enough spare money to buy one of these, it would be very wonderful to actually win. I hope I do!

  20. Dang i love the new feautures of this system. If i win the only one id give it to is my daughter we rarely have anything and i would love her to have the xbox 360 kinect with everything. Id love to see her smile. Its been rough lately and it breaks my heart to see her sad. I love her so much. I would do anything and everything to keep my little princess happy. This would definitly put a big smile on her. If i win thats who ill be giving it to. My little angel.

  21. My son would love it since I was not able to get it for his xmas this past xmas. He would be so happy and it would be a miracle if I won this for him.

  22. I never won anything before and this would be the best thing I could ever win just for my kids could enjoy.

  23. This will be a blessing, and a surprise to my daughter chazity howard,she will love it and enjoy it with me,enjoy your day.

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  25. I would love to win this! We had a used wii that was given to us that has broke and we cant afford to buy a new gaming console but the kids sure do love it!

  26. my husband will probably use the xbox the most, unless we get a dance game and i’ll be on it day and night!!

  27. My son is a big gamer. This is the only system he doesn’t have. He would totally freak!

  28. My son is a big time gamer. If I won this for him he would freak out. This is the only system he doesn’t have. It would be great. Just in time for his birthday.

  29. o i would totally love this!!! but then again my parents have one and my five yr old n four yr old fight over it lol

  30. I would luv to win this for a couple reasons. One is because it will keep my lil brother home where i can keep an eye on him & the other is because i been wanting one since it came out.. 🙂 hope i win. Have a great day everyone.

  31. Life360 its an amazing app, it helps me find out where my family pomembers are in case of an emergency, or for any reason, it would be amazing to win an xbox 360 that way I would have entertainment for my neices when they come to visit and it would be something the whole family could interact with and have an awesome time, thanx

  32. Are you kidding… I have 3 boys. I will like it the most! Anything that keeps them busy!!

  33. I think that my husband and our son owuld love this. They like to bond, and this would be a great way to help! thank you HMM!! we love you!!

  34. My daughter and I would love this more than anything, we would have so much fun playing together!!

  35. Oh, how nice that would be!
    Something for the family. Especially my bby girl and her daddy:)

  36. My husband, my sons & I would love to win it!! It would be an awesome way to spend more time together!!

  37. My husband & I want one sooooo bad! & were about to have a baby boy & he would have so much fun with the kinect once he’s older!!

  38. I would live to win this game for my children and that includes my husband! Ha Ha but seriously my children would really love this game system!

  39. My family would really enjoy something like this there is alot of us so we would be able to have family time for real.

  40. My kids would love this. They have been wanting one but ccant afford it. I am a single mom. I love the fact that they areable to play game and stll have to be active. This would be great to win, its not fair to them nor do they understand unless we win this chances are we wwill not own one.

  41. My kids would love this. They have been wanting one but ccant afford it. I am a single mom. I love the fact that they areable to play game and stll have to be active. This would be great to win, its not fair to them nor do they understand unless we win this chances are we wwill not own one.

  42. All of us!! I love xbox and haven’t tried kinect yet but we were hoping to come across good money to buy one lol they’re so expensive. But yeah my son, fiance and I would all love this!!! My fiance would definetely freak if I won this as would I!!

  43. Yes it would be lovely to win but it just doesn’t feel right when I bet most of the people here have more than they can ask for. I would donate it to a family who really needs the extra happiness ^-^ and that would definitely make me overjoyed.
    I have a question though…what do you gain by giving away an XBox? What is the catch?

    -17 year old junior in High school

  44. I would love to win the Xbox for my family and self. Money has been getting tight and I’ve wanted one for a while now. And the Kinect games would be great for me and my family 🙂

  45. My two best friends who are also my roommates and I would all enjoy this! We love playing games and have been hoping to get an xbox.

  46. My kiddos would LOVE to have this! We are obsessed with Wipeout, and to have it on Kinect would be FABULOUS! And, a great way to exercise with them too.

  47. Winning this would be great! I could loose weight and be healthy for my myself and do things with my kids again.

  48. Well I’m mot a mom but I am a single dad and this would really help me and my son conect. Plus he would completely freak out if we won

  49. I would love to win because my son and i visited a friend who had one and he loved it!!!

    & it’s great excersie!

  50. My family would love this . And I would love to have them all up and around exercising for the health.?they would exercise all day long of they could and I think that this will help them do that..

  51. It be nice if I won this for the family! my daughter n husband would enjoy it the most.. and ill enjoy watching them do there silly moves!

  52. We have been wanting to get one of these really bad for our family of 6 to spend some quality time together!

  53. Hey I woul just like to say thanks for giving me a chance to win a prize and I hope it goes to a good person but I hope I have a good chance to win

  54. My Dad has cancer and loves playing Xbox he doesnt have a kiinext yet but always wanted one. I would be so happy to win him one.

  55. I really wish I could win this for my boys. Never been able to afford these types of things. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.

  56. This will be a great opportunity to win for the family. It’s a opportunity to bring us closer at home.

  57. What I would do if I win? We just found out that one of our twin boys, who has been disabled since birth, now has cystic fibrosis. He was diagnosed at the age of 16. We would use the xbox 360 to help him get the exe rcise and motor skills

  58. If we were to win I would use it to help our disabled son to get his exercise and to help with his motor skills. He has been disabled since birth. But if that was not bad enough, he was just diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at egger age of 16. God has a plan for him, and who are we to stand in his way.

  59. Hope to win this for my little Bro who just turned 13, which unfortunately I was unable to buy him an Xbox or ps3 as promised! So this will be an awesome win 🙂

  60. My son would absolutely love this. I’ve never played one, but the commercials make it look fantastic!

  61. I would say one of my kids would but I have to admit that daddy likes the first person shooter games…

  62. Well I could never give my children all they want but it be a lot of fun I could win this for my children

  63. IThis sounds like an awesome opportunity to win a cool prize so I decided to enter and try my luck

  64. I am so on board with getting the children away from harmful people n out of danger in the streets I’m all up for it. And my daughter’s love the connect so we 4 hope we when.

  65. I would love this it would be perfect to lose weight while spending time with my step son and my adorable 4 month old

  66. Hi my brother would love this xbox we can’t afford one but I do believe in chance and this is a big chance to take I just hope this isn’t another scam I hate those things so please prove my wrong show me that not every Internet comp is rigged.

  67. I would be the happiest girl in the world if I won this!!! My family can’t afford to buy any expensive electronics /: and it would be a blessing if we won this, it would bring us closer together while playing like Mario Party or something (:

  68. Life360 newsletter referral. Would love to see how much different xbox 360 is with kinnect.

  69. My kids have been wanting this console since it came out… I would love to give it to them so we could spend quality together as a family…

  70. With the chance to win an xbox connect for my six year old and ten year old they would be ecstatic!! Who wouldn’t sign up!! Anyways, the whole th dad shooting his daughters post was outa line I would have just taken her time away I mean why destroy something outa pure anger when your gonna have to replace it sooner or later, guy! I guess some people just can’t hang onto their anger issues. Thanks again for the opportunity to comment and entering in the contest.

  71. Its a toss up really between my wife and myself. Me because i was just diagnosed with cancer and will have alot of down time and my wife cuz it would help keep her mind off the bad situaton

  72. My kids and husband would love it .we have had such a bad 18months and we are finally getting back on track with selling everything to stay afloat and living with family was hard this would give them some real joy.

  73. Well lets see if you talk about the father that shot his daughers laptop. Well is it the girls laptop no itis not she didn’t buy it she didnt work for it. That is 1 of the problems is the kids dont respect their parents I am dealing with it my self. The school tells the kids if u been slapped, hit or struck in anyway they need to teel their teacher so the first thing ur child will say after u “smack’ not beat with a piece of ply wood” their they going to tell their teacher cause ur child will say ” U cant do that I am telling my teacher” so everyone knows what happens next then have CPS at ur door looking like u are a child abuser because it seem like u are and u are guilty before they say a word to u mind no matter of fact u slap their butt didnt leave a mark or anything but I know how it works I am a Ret Lt. Police Officer I have seen this happen. By the time a Police Officer gets to the school the teacher has a storie then it snow balls then the Officer takes the report like he is to do but rember there is no mark on said child. I dont know the numbers today but when I was working it was 1 child out of 500 reported abused please think how many hours this takes just for one report uthink about that. When the school looks at the child and see’s there is no mark so they need to tell the child that their is a difference been punshed and been beaten but the school is bound by law it has to call if a child makes a report now on sexual everyone should call on but people were not dumb use ur head the kids thinks they have rights the only right they have is respct their parents. We need to remind them that we are the parents and we have control over them. Now I know their be someone that will not like this I understand u have the right to just one thing does ur kid or kids come with an instruction manual.

  74. This would be awesome for our family!! My kids and grandkids would have a blast with this!!

  75. We fell on hard times a couple months ago, I was between jobs so we had to sell a few things and the 360 with the kinect was one of of them. My family would love it if I could win this, but the workouts are amazing and fun!

  76. I would give it to the two little boys across the street from me because
    In two years of me living in my house haven’t yet to see these little boys
    able to come outside and play so I think they would really enjoy
    Something that they could play with inside there home

  77. I love the website…so much information at your fingertips….keeping my family safe is as easy as playing Xbox!

  78. hi everyome..

    So basically it’s me who will enjoy it the most, since i’ve always dreamed of having a gaming consol (i wish i could play Forza 4 for once in my life..) and the rest of my family for sure 🙂

  79. I’ve wanted the new Xbox since it came out, I just can’t justify spending the money. I’ve been dying to try the Kinect also. Combined with Mass Effect 3, I can only imagine how awesome that would be.

  80. My girls would love this, my husband would play it quite a bit but honestly I have been wanting one for awhile.

  81. What a great way to stay physically fit and interactive with my daughter. Thank you for this opportunity.

  82. being athletic and too hyper for my own good winning a kinect would be special for a gamer with a budget! oooo ooo pick me!

  83. I would love to win this, it would be a true blessing! I could do all the wonderful things I have seen for it and loose weight enough to have fun and do things with my kids again.

  84. It would be a true blessing to win this. I haven’t. Been. able to be active for along time.tthis would give me a chance to loose the weight and be an active part in my family again. Thank you for this chance.

  85. This would be a really nice gift for me and my three children. Great way to spend time together!

  86. WOW! It would be really cool to win one! My boys do not have one yet!


  87. I’m not entering but I just wanted to say how much we love our KINECT! : ) It is an awesome and active way to engage in gaming

  88. I go to Mexico on mission trips and there’s a church called piña and they have a teen center and a church an orphanage an elderly home and they could really use something like this thanks

  89. Winning would make my son very happy. We don’t have a game system; he would like to be able to invite friends over to play.

  90. Winning would make my son very happy! We don’t have a gaming system; he would love to be able to invite his friends over to play. Thank you for a chance!

  91. I have 3 boys and baby #4 on the way. This would be a nice congratulations gift from their new brother/sister.

  92. I say more parents need to take the internet and cell phones away at least during the week when they should be doing studies

  93. I would really luv to win this xbox so that me and my 5 boyz could get our excrcise to stay healthy n fit they have sum great body excecise like rumba and kickboxing and games for the boys to like kinect sports great workout .

  94. My nine year old daughter would think it was fabulous, my husband would love it and I would enjoy it also – it’s one of the few things we could do as a family that would guarantee us spending time together and improve our fitness etc!! A winner on all fronts!

  95. This year my daughter’s biological farther was killed, her stepdad (who she considers Daddy) had been overseas and will be coming home soon. This would be the best surprisE for both her AND my husband. She could really use a lil pick me up. Its been a rough year! (I’d probably really enjoy it as well!) REALLY hope we win!

  96. It would be awesome to win. That way me and my family can spend
    More quality time together.

  97. i am 19 yrs old with 2 wonderful children… i really need to win this so my children can have this to play with. i would be so happy if i won this!

  98. respected brothers
    my friends have xbox . please give me a xbox 360s i have no xbox pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  99. I would love to win this not for me but for a friend of mine who has lost everything because of a tonado this would def. Put a big smile on here 3 little boys faces they ha d.a very rough year.

  100. Fiances bday is coming up this would b the perfect present because I enjoy it as well plus he would love this keeps his mind off of deploying.

  101. Its both my girls b’day and mine the mom they deserve something like this it would be awesome and of course my son and husband would love it too.

  102. My family and I would love this. Zumba workout for me, Mass Affect for my fiance, and yoga for the whole family!

  103. This would totally help me and my kiddos get off the couch and move when the weather is not cooperating!!

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